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Vegetarian food is something that I seldom touch on when I eat out, because I feel it is not so worth for the money. If you are in the same boat as me, this restaurant might be able to change your mind. Being there in the hustle and bustle of Rundle Street for the past 24 years, Vego and Love'n It is still the same as it was when it first started. Diners might expect it to expand to a spacious venue or even upgrade the payment method to EFTPOS, but none of this happens. 

It is hard to notice this cosy place if you pass by Rundle Street as it is situated on Level 1 just right beside the  shop 'Naked'. Climbing up flight of stairs, the interior mismatches the contemporary Rundle Street due to the quirkiness. The boss has decorated the restaurant in his eccentric way with pastel, mosaic-border frames and stacks of CDs. You can never find the same decoration anywhere else. There is also an old fridge in the middle of the walkway where you can get your drinks from. You just feel like at home! 

Another noteworthy thing about this restaurant is that its menu is handwritten and exhibited on the wall. The handwriting is pretty small and I have to use much energy to read it.  

Menu on the wall
Interior decoration
The seatings are limited as the restaurant is really small. It can only accommodate around 20 people at one time. Table water is not complimentary in this restaurant, as you have to pay $0.50 for that.

Pastel with mosaic-bordered frame on the wall
The restaurant is run by the boss alone. As a result, you can expect the food here to be consistent in flavour and quality. 

The kitchen 
Spicy Mushroom

It consists of vegetarian pate, carrot, tomato, avocado, swiss brown and lettuce, being served on sweet dough. Although the name implies the presence of mushroom, I am not able to taste it. The mushroom is most likely incorporated into the pate together with other ingredients. The pate is mushy and tastes really unique. I like the sauce as it blends every ingredients together in my mouth.

Spicy mushroom
Absolutely Fabulous

It is a spicy burger on round roll, with hummus, avocado, chilli sauce, tomatoes, fresh capsicums, carrot, tahini and mixed lettuce leaves. Again, you cannot tell the ingredients used to make the pate by just tasting it. The pate just tastes differently from one another.

Absolutely Fabulous
Lentil and tomato soup

This is deemed to be the small serve of lentil and tomato soup, but it comes in amazingly big portion! The soup is of substance as you can taste lentil and tomato literally, instead of being just soup. It is also served with toasted bread with garlic butter. Healthy option for lunch!

Lentil and tomato soup + Bread spread with garlic butter
You can opt to have half serve of burger in which I find myself to be really full after eating it. The boss is really generous in the portion and yet cheaply priced (half serve burger at $8.50). It is definitely a place to go if you are tired of Hungry Jacks burgers or other routine food places. Do drop by the place earlier than lunch hour as it will be full by then.

Website: -
Address: Level 1, 240 Rundle Street, Adelaide, SA 5000.
Trading hours: 10am-4pm (Mon-Fri)

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Love, Victoria

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