Fried Mars Bar at Bondi Beach

If you type 'Fried Mars Bar Bondi Beach' at any search engine, 'Bondi Surf Seafoods' will appear with no doubt because this shop is the pioneer of deep fried Mars bar in Sydney. Hmm, for those who hear this for the first time, there is a sense of disbelief hey? 

Bondi Surd Seafoods claims to produce the world famous deep fried Mars Bar. It is the only outlet approved by Mars company after several laboratory tests for bacteria level. Indeed, the popularity grows and the outlet sells more than 50 deep fried Mars bar everyday. 

A trip to Bondi beach will never be complete without a try on the famous fried Mars bar. I am never exempted from this temptation on trying any good food recommended by Sydney insiders. Hence, this has always been part of my Sydney food list.  

Bondi Surf Seafoods
The outlet has been voted as Sydney's Best Fish and Chips on 2011. Since I was there after having my lunch at Hurricane's Grill, deep fried Mars Bar was my only target. When I first entered the shop, before I even finished my order, the boss had figured out my order! How amazing it is? It showed that how popular this snack is. 

The Mars bars were dipped into coconut batter, pre cooked in a low temperature oil then deep fried. Icing sugar was sprinkled as a finishing touch on the heavenly fried bar. The cost of a bar was $4.  

Deep fried Mars Bar
The sight of it had stimulated my appetite as well as my salivary glands. It looked so inviting and I just cannot wait to take a bite! 

And trust me! A bite is never enough! The batter is so crunchy on the outside and aptly fried. That is the essence of a well fried Mars bar. Being too hard or too soggy for the batter will spoil the beauty of Mars bar. With a crunch on the bar, melted Mars oozed out, releasing its caramel sweetness. The coconut batter and Mars bar just blend together seamlessly. 

Deep fried Mars bar
However, there is a friendly reminder for all those who want to try the snack. Please shut your brain from calculating the calories and sugar content when you are consuming it. Let this experience be a sinful one because it is definitely worth it! 

Beautiful weather

Coastal walk

Loving the rocks!

Love, Victoria 

Address: 128 campbell parade, Bondi BeachNSW

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