Fork on The Road @ Light Square

Fork on The Road was back on 12 April after the Fringe event! If you missed the last Fork on The Road post, you can check it out here. This time off, Light Square was chosen as the place of aggregation. With the grassy seatings, it was feasible for the diners to laze around in the afternoon or evening, enjoying their meals. 

With the ending of daylight saving this early April, the day ends earlier than usual, around 6pm. Hence, we set off for Fork on The Road dinner event around 5.30pm to enjoy a short period of day light before the dusk kicked in. 

Being driven by the research I had done the night before the visit and my unwavering curiosity, I decided to try out Little Big Cheese Co. Unfortunately, the special of the day which was the pulled pork toasty with King Island Smoked Cheddar, had been sold out and I chose to have Classic instead. It was a toasted bread with smoked shoulder ham, Swiss Gruyere, seeded mustard and lashings of butter. A stick of gherkins came as an accompaniment to the toasty. 

The ham was heavily smoked and hence the saltiness was very prominent. It was sourced from Marino's in the Central Market. As the curing and smoking process is labour intensive, Little Big Cheese Co has no time but to pass this important task to the Marino's. The cheese was seriously good too! However, do prepare a cup of water when you are having this toasty as you might need it to wash away the saltiness before taking another bite. 

Do try out its pulled pork toasty as it is smoked by Little Big Cheese Co itself and that is the highlight of this South Australian, Italian family run business. 

Classic Cheese Toasties 
Little Big Cheese Co has been operating around Adelaide for the past 4 months in various events such as East End Wine Down, Adelaide Food and Wine Festival and Fork on The Road, not to mention some makeshift locations! Do like its facebook page to keep yourself updated on its trail. 

Little Big Cheese Co 
Phone number: 0433 503 836

Hereby I declare my favourite brownie stall is Four Seeds! There are a number of variety you can choose from, but the most famous ones are peanut butter and salted lime brownie. I tried its salted lime brownie and it was so amazing! The lime flavour was incorporated into the moist chewy texture of the brownie which was topped with sea salt flakes. The saltiness kicked in after the refreshing lime, making the brownie a special one!

Four Seeds Stall
Phone number: 0409532500

Behold vegetarians! Let Them Eat can be a new addiction to you! It offers vegan tarts, desserts and fritters in which you can munch them as snacks! It does offer catering and retail service where you can consider to have a vegan banquet without worrying that your guests will rant and rave about the food! 

The array of food offered
Parsnip sage and mascarpone arancini I ordered turns out to be a surprise as I never realise vegan food can be this special and delicious! Especially with the sour and sweet condiment, the fried rice ball fed my stomach really well. 

Parsnip sage and mascarpone arancini
Address: 18 Elizabeth Street, Croydon
Trading hour: 10am-4pm (Tues-Sun)

Let Them Eat on Urbanspoon

Get forked up! And hopefully there will still be the next Fork on The Road event! 

Love, Victoria 

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  1. I finally had my first Fork experience last Friday after several failed attempts to get on it! I was so impressed by the atmosphere, the variety of vans available and the well organised layout of the spaces. Adelaide city has never looked so vibrant outside of March!

    I devoured a plate of paella (Taste of Spain) and followed it up with a range of deserts including a selection of brownies from Four Seeds (salted lime the fav by far), churros and a cinnamon cakey thing which was too interesting looking to pass up. I should clarify here that I was supported in the desert pile and did not consume said deserts on my own!

    I give full forks to fork on the Road. Definitely will not miss the next event, rain, hail or shine :)

    1. I agree with you! Adelaide has been becoming a lot more merrier with this food event! Who says Adelaide is boring? :p Oh yes! The salted lime is definitely my favourite! Churroz offers churros lot better than San Churro I reckon. haha! Desserts are to be shared! Glad that you enjoyed the event1 :)

  2. Hi Victoria,
    Have you seen this film about a Fork on the Road event in January? It was launched last week as part of SA Tourism's 'Through Local Eyes' project. Definitely captures the event well!

    1. Hi Phil! Thanks for showing the video. That was amazing! :)


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