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Hi all!!! Welcome to my first ever blog post! I have been struggling to start off a blog since months ago, but often it's my thoughts (not having a good writing skills and my LAZINESS)  that put me off. Nevertheless, I finally mustered enough courage to start this blog. Say YAY!

Okay, less crapping and MORE food. I would like to share to you guys about this awesome Malaysian dessert --> BATIK CAKE. Batik cake (or commonly known as kek batik) is somehow similar to hedgehog slice, a chocolate bar with crushed biscuits and nuts which can be found in Australia.

Hedgehog slice (from Google image) 
Batik cake has been my favourite tea-time dessert since college time. I used to rush to cafe during my break just to have a nibble of it. When you first bite at it, you can feel the rich chocolate smell. Next off, sweetness kicks in together with the crunchiness of Marie biscuits. I just love the fusion of chocolate and biscuits. They are just awesome being together!

Recently, the craving came back and my boy has been nagging me to make this dessert. So, I decided to have a try. And HOORAY, I succeeded! (refer below for the image) 
Homemade batik cake 



250g Cooking chocolate
150g Sweetened creamer/condensed milk (depending on preferred level of sweetness)
1 Milo 3 in 1 packet
80g Margarine/Butter 
300g Marie biscuit


1. Roughly break Marie biscuit into 4 halves and put them in a big bowl. 
3. Stir the mixture constantly and add in a packet of 3-in-1 milo powder. 
4. Next, add in sweetened creamer to reach your preferred sweetness level. 
5. Continue to stir the mixture for about 5 minutes until it thickens. The butter/margarine will no longer visible in the mixture. 
6. Pour the mixture into the big bowl containing Marie biscuits. Mix them thoroughly using a spatula. 
7. Line baking paper on a prepared tin/container. 
8. Pour the mixture into the tin and press them down to achieve a firm batik cake. 
9. Refrigerate the tin and it is ready to be served after few hours. 

Some of the ingredients used:
Sweetened creamer, margarine, cooking chocolate
Some of the recipe requires eggs, flour, nescafe powder or sugar. I found this recipe the easiest and takes least time to prepare. So, do enjoy this dessert! 

Love, Victoria :)

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