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Easter weekend has passed even faster than I thought and here comes another weekend. Do remember to turn your clock back one hour this Sun (7/4) as daylight saving is ending. It means extra one hour of sleep or productivity, depending on which one is more attractive! Over the past week, I have been feeding my stomach a whole lot of food and consequently many awaiting restaurant reviews. Still remember that I love brunch the most? Well! Hereby introducing another viable brunch place in Adelaide - Plant 13!

This brunch spot is situated in Bowden where it is only 10 minutes walk from Entertainment Centre. Have you ever wondered why it is called Plant 13? My curiosity had brought light to this query. According to the waiter, Bowden hosted 18 industrial plants at one time but never was there the 13th site. This is because the number 13 is believed superstitiously to be unlucky for Westerners as well as Asians. As a result, instead of having a plant at the 13th site, a pub was opened there, fondly known as Plant 13 by the construction workers.

As the cafe took over the ownership of the site from the pub, Plant 13 was hence named. Isn't this interesting? I love hearing to the stories of different cafe and restaurants as surely there is something unique about every place.  

Plant 13 provides pretty spacious area for its diners. However, do book before you go, especially if you are planning to go around 10 to 11am, because it will be a full house. That was my experience when I went on Easter Monday with girls from Connect Group. We were asked to wait at a waiting room as there were no available seats. 

Plant 13 decoration

Plant 13 interior

Waiting room
After waiting for around 15 minutes, we were served to a high table outdoor. Plant 13 emphasises on animal rights and this is manifested on its menu which states that it uses free range eggs and ethically-raised animals in its food. Besides that, the cafe serves sweets in which you can choose from the dessert jar at its counter. 

Onion ring with mayonnaise 

The batter of onion ring is crispy and savoury together with the mayonnaise. However, I have to push the whole ring into my mouth because it is quite hard to bite off the onion strip. 

Onion rings with mayonnaise
Buttermilk biscuits filled with smoked bacon, relish and egg 

You can choose to complement the biscuits with smoked bacon and relish or with sausage gravy depending on your preference. The biscuit is dry and buttery. I feel queasy after having few bites as I don't really like the texture and taste. 

Buttermilk biscuits filled with smoked bacon, relish and egg
Grilled triple cheese sandwich with jalapenos

This is the best meal of the day and I am craving for it ever since then! Even though it looks really simple, but the combination of cheese and toasted bread is just so amazing. Jalapenos which is a type of chilli pepper enhances the flavour of the sandwich. Definitely a must-order-piece! 

Grilled triple cheese sandwich with jalapenos
Baked eggs with tomatoes, swiss brown mushrooms, bacon and toasted sourdough

There is a vegan option to this baked eggs in which you can opt out bacon. The baked eggs is pretty good and sourdough is always the best combination to it. A protein booster for the day. 

Baked eggs with tomato, swiss brown mushrooms, bacon and toasted sourdough
Plant 13 Sampler: Mini pork roll, Biscuit and Sloppy Joe

I always have the problem of trying to order the most worthwhile and the best food out of the menu list, no matter where I dine. Thus, this is a perfect solution to my worry - having a sampler in which I get to try more than one food, and they are all mini ones! 

The mini pork roll consists of pulled BBQ pork and coleslaw in a bun. The pulled pork is well seasoned but not soft enough. I would prefer Sneaky Pickle's pulled pork bun more. 

The biscuit is the mini version of buttermilk biscuit as I mentioned above. 

The Sloppy Joe consists of minced beef, tomato and cheese sauce with potato crisp. It tastes like tomato pasta sauce being sandwiched by two buns. 

Plant 13 Sampler: Mini pork roll, Biscuit and Sloppy Joe
Adyna and Suzanne 

With Steffi and Stephanie
On a side note, Plant 13 is starting its dinner service! Do go and show the team some support! 

Address: 18, Park Terrace, Bowden, Adelaide.
Trading hours: 7am-4pm (Mon-Sun), 5pm-late (Fri-Sat), Dinner

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Love, Victoria

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