Monday, 7 July 2014

Sabai Cafe

'Sawadeekap! Sabai dee mai?'
'Sabai sabai.'

This Thai greeting can be the most heartwarming words that you can get. 'Sabai' in Thai refers to being happy and comfortable, feeling fine and take it easy. It transmits the sense of comfort and laid-backness, which is the philosophy behind Sabai cafe.

Sabai cafe is a cosy cafe situated near to popular Glenelg which serves Thai fusion food.  In addition, this cafe is also vegetarian friendly due to the variety of vegan offerings. Classics with a twist always catch the attention of my taste buds and this cafe is not an exception. Celebrating the start of our winter break, me and my friends made a visit to the cafe. 

The Thai lunch menu is only available from Wednesday to Sunday and fortunate for us, we went on one of those days. My friend ordered the Khow phad pik gaang which was the spicy Thai style fried rice with onion, capsicum, spring onion, carrot and soft fried egg on top. 

What I would like to commend was the soft fried egg was served up to the expectation. The soft egg yolk was runny and the egg had a crisp border. The rice was not gluggy and had a subtle hint of spiciness in it. I would actually prefer it to be spicier. The lemon which came with the dish gave freshness and sourness to the fried rice. 

Spicy Thai fried rice
Pad Thai is an essential order in every Thai restaurant and so there wasn't an exclusion from our table. The vegetarian Pad Thai had stir fried rice noodle with egg, spring onion, bean sprouts, crushed nuts and coriander. It was not oily and had a considerably big portion. Not the best Pad thai that we have ever tasted but it was sufficient for a satisfying meal. 
Pad Thai
Another vegetarian dish on the table was the Thai bean curd salad. The fresh marinated bean curd was accompanied by mixed crispy salad and herbs, doused with refreshing Thai style dressing. I did not manage to taste the dish but it did look amazing. My friend was satisfied with his order. 
Thai bean curd salad
Lastly, I ordered the curried lamb shank, mint, chickpea, pumpkin pie with sweet potato chips and coriander, cashew nut salad. The lamb shank pie was amazing! The addition of coriander seed on top added another dimension in terms of aroma to the pie. The lamb shank was cooked perfectly and shredded to be added together with chickpea and mashed pumpkin as the pie filling. The pastry was made so good and flaky that I cannot resist to pick up the residual fallen pieces of pastry on the plate. In conclusion, it was a good pie. 

The sweet potato chips did not come out as what I had expected. The sweet potatoes were shaved into thin long pieces and deep fried. Some bits were crunchy but some were not. I would prefer the chips to be hand cut. The salad came with sweet chilli dressing and was executed well. 

Lamb shank pie
It was a pleasant meal for me and I loved my lamb shank pie (especially the pastry). If you are thinking to have a modern Thai fusion food, this cafe is probably a good place to go. ทานให้อร่อยนะครับ (Bon appetit)!

Address: 105 Patridge Street, Glenelg
Trading hours: 9am-4pm (Sun), 8am-4pm (Mon-Tues), 8am-8.30pm (Wed-Sat)

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Love, Victoria 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Brunch by the Beach

Australia is blessed with the sexy coastal line, stunning blue-green seas and relaxing beaches. The view of the sea never fails to mesmerise me, especially after I visited the famous Whitehaven Beach at the Great Barrier Reef region.
Whitehaven beach
South Australia beaches have their own wonders too. They are great places to relax with family and friends, take a dip in the sea during summer and watch sunset, not to mention the exciting add on of having a brunch by the beaches. 

Glenelg beach 

The two popular brunch places found by this beach are the Zest Cafe Gallery and Grind It

Zest Cafe Gallery is situated 5 minutes walk from the beach. Greeted by the vine tree at the cafe, it grabbed my heart to be fond of this place. 

Cafe exterior - view from my seat
I ordered the Zesty Eggs, poached eggs and salmon on toast with homemade Hollandaise sauce. The smoked salmon was arranged nicely in an elliptical shape. Eggs were poached perfectly with the egg yolks oozing out when I broke open the eggs. The Hollandaise sauce was good with a tinge of zesty flavour.
Zesty Eggs
Oooohhh! I have a thing for runny egg yolk and a preference to spread these gooey goodness onto a toasted sourdough! They work just so perfectly.  
Runny yolk 
The Cappuccino was a good coffee to start off my day at the beach. The mini pastry accompanied with the coffee was a wonderful creation too. 
Cappuccino with pastry
Do order the Hells Eggs if you have a chance to do so. It looks amazing too! 

Address: 2a Sussex Street, Glenelg
Trading hours: 7.30am-6pm (Mon-Sat), 8.30am-5pm (Sun)

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Grind It is another popular brunch place at Glenelg. The seatings can be quite limited because this cafe is constantly being swarmed with patrons looking for a heartful meal. 
Paintings on the wall
I ordered the French Toast for that morning. Guess what? Two plump and golden looking french toast landed on my plate. Besides that, there were mascarpone and toasted almonds being scattered around the toasts. Shredded pear was also seen to top the toast. 

Okay! The hero of the day was the french toasts. They were dipped with eggs and pan fried in butter, resulting in a crispy outer layer and soft bread inside. I would actually prefer the bread to be thinner though so that I could have a mouthful of crispiness. The sweetness of this whole dish came from the marriage of mascarpone, maple syrup and shredded pear. I particularly loved the shredded pear because it introduced texture to the dish. The nuts and mascarpone also accompanied well with the french toast.   
French toast
If you are looking to get a sweet brunch, french toast from Grind It can be in your bucket list. 

Address: 4 Moseley Street, Glenelg 
Trading hours: 7am-5pm (Mon-Sat), 9am-3pm (Sun)

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Semaphore beach 

Whipped bake bar is situated along Semaphore Road leading to Semaphore beach. It is a great place for coffee meet up. On the display cabinet, there are plenty of cakes and pastries to choose from to go with the coffee. Besides that, wraps and rolls are also available for lunch.  
Whipped Bake Bar
I ordered the sweet potato rosti with smoked salmon, baby cos salad and goat curd. I wasn't very impressed by the presentation when it arrived. It was served on a pretty old wooden board, whereby the traces of knives can be seen. I expected the rosti to be crispy on the outside but it wasn't cooked to my preference disappointingly. I felt like as if I was eating a compacted mashed sweet potato. However, the flavour was there and the salad was fresh. With just a dollop of goat curd to heighten the flavour of salad, it might be a bit lacking in some ways. 
Sweet potato rosti
Address: 35, Semaphore Road, Semaphore
Trading hours: 7am-2.30pm (Meal), 7am-5pm (Coffee) Mon-Sun  

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Love, Victoria 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Lawash Bakery

In Therbaton, lies a Middle Eastern restaurant, Lawash Bakery which has received a lot of good reviews from its diners. On a fine Friday afternoon, I decided to fulfill one of the items on my eating wish list by visiting this popular bakery.

Upon reaching the restaurant, I can see the long queue of customers waiting for their takeaways. I took a glance over the exiting customers, most of them had rolls on their hands. 

The restaurant sells different types of kebabs which come with oven baked bread and salad. In addition, they do offer meat mince rolls. The rolls are the popular options for takeaways whereas the kebabs are popular among the in-house diners. 

I opted for Chicken Al Fahm, an Arabian chicken dish which is coated with spices, then charcoal-grilled. The serving was generous for the price I paid. For $8, I got half a chicken, big piece of bread and some salad. In addition, 2 dipping sauces were included as well. 

Chicken Al Fahm 
The chicken had a lovely charcoal crust on it. Believe it or not, as I was lost searching for the shop, it was actually the smell of charcoal that drew me over to the restaurant. I thought that the chicken would be even nicer with more seasoning onto it. The meat still had some moisture in it and was not overly dry.

There were two types of dipping sauces, yogurt based and chilli based. The yogurt based sauce was a bit runny to my preference. The chilli based sauce took me a while to get used to it due to its unique smell. But, on overall, the dipping sauces gave kicks to the taste of the dish.

The oven baked bread had some essential charcoal/burnt crust on it. I torn the bread into few pieces, wrapped the chicken and salad with it, and dipped the combination into one of the sauces, it was a great mouthful of Middle Eastern flavour. 

Chicken Al Fahm and bread
It was a satisfying and stomach filling meal. I shall go back to try its kebab again. Till then, cheers!

Website: -
Address: 115 South Road, Adelaide
Trading hours: 9.30am - 9.30pm (Mon-Sun)

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Love, Victoria 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Red Door Bakery

Pies and sausage rolls are typical Australian cuisines whereby you can have them for breakfast, brunch, lunch or high tea. To get one of the best sausage rolls in the town, you gotta have to visit the Red Door Bakery. There are two shops each in the suburbs of Goodwood and Croydon. Nevertheless, I love to go to the latter which is the pioneer. 

Situated conveniently near to the train line as well as 5-10 minutes drive from the city, this bakery is the all time favourite for Adelaideans. Coincidentally or not, the entrance door is painted red, signifying the name of the bakery. 
Red Door Bakery
There are various options offered by the bakery, including pastries, desserts, sourdoughs, toasts, pies and sausage rolls. The popular items here are the pork and sage sausage roll, creme brulee tart, salted caramel chocolate cake as well as the chilli jam! 

During my visit there, I ordered the Hay Valley lamb and Morrocan eggplant sausage roll. I opted for additional chilli jam ($1). The chilli jam came in a spoon and there was nothing that I can fault it. The Moroccan spices was strong and complemented the lamb well. The flakiness of the pastry was demonstrated as I cut through the sausage roll with my knife. It was beautiful and fell apart into pieces.  
Hayvalley lamb and Moroccan eggplant sausage roll
My friends ordered the Berkshire free range pork and sage sausage roll. It was the dish of the day. Among other sausage rolls, the chilli jam accompanied the pork sausage roll especially well. The pork sausage was flavoursome and well seasoned. The flavour was further enhanced by the presence of sage. 

We ordered the traditional chicken pie with the tomato chutney as accompaniment. Tomato chutney was not as amazing as the chilli jam. The chicken pie, again, had the beautiful pastry covering the chicken. As compared to the lamb and pork in the sausage rolls. the chicken was more moist. I still love the pork and sage sausage roll though. 
Traditional chicken pie; Pork and sage sausage roll; Lamb and Moroccan eggplant sausage roll
We ordered the creme brulee and salted caramel chocolate cake for dessert. The creme brulee had a lovely top crisp. Using the back of the spoon to knock at the top, the crispy caramel layer cracked into pieces, indicating a good creme brulee. The custard was light and the tart casing was great too. 
Creme brulee tart
The salted caramel chocolate cake had a layer of set chocolate on top and few sprinkles of sea salt. It was a dense and moist chocolate cake with gooey salted caramel in the middle. The caramel had the right consistency and went well with the chocolate cake.  I really love the addition of the salt on the cake itself as it provides another dimension of taste as you eat the cake in a whole. 
Salted caramel chocolate cake 
Red Door Bakery is definitely the best bakery in Adelaide/SA. The hot cross bun made by the bakery during Easter period was crowned as people's favourite for the year 2014. I can't wait for the next Easter to try it out!  

Address: 22, Elizabeth Street, Croydon. 
Trading hours: 8am-4pm (Wed-Sun)
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Love, Victoria 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I have always wanted to make a visit to PUBLIC since its first debut 1.5 years ago, especially even after the chef was awarded the best chef in 2013 SA Restaurant and Catering Awards for Excellence. However, the chef has set off to open his new restaurant and PUBLIC is headed by Luke Southwood at the moment. Luke Southwood won the eighth place in MasterChef Professionals and has worked with SA food icon, Maggie Beer before. 

With the change of head chef, there is a change in menu. Current menu has emphasis on simplicity, elegance, delicacy and love. The inclusion of tapas plate in the menu also reflects the Spanish background of the head chef.

Without further ado, let me share with you my dining experience at PUBLIC. It is situated at the corner lot on Franklin Street, not far away from King William Street.
The interior design is inspired by the theme of public spaces, incorporating the eclectic mix of 'old and new'. The seatings were pretty sufficient for the white collars to have a quick lunch.  
Interior of PUBLIC
During my visit at PUBLIC, I ordered the homemade gnocchi with braised chicken, hamlets speck, capsicum, cherry tomato, basil and confit garlic. What more I could say about this dish? I can't help but to exclaim its goodness! The softness of gnocchi, with well marinated braised chicken, and a naughty addition of hamlet specks, just renders the exquisite taste. The cherry tomato and capsicum fit in the picture perfectly. Parmesan cheese adds in more savouriness into the whole dish. What could be better than adding parmesan in a pasta dish? This dish is filling and satisfying. Unlike other gnocchi dish, I did not feel sick after eating halfways. I actually finished the whole dish on my own! Light, fresh but full of flavour.  
Handmade gnocchi
My friend ordered the wagyu burger with caramelised onion, tomato, lettuce, swiss cheese, lime aioli and crispy baby potatoes. The brioche bun is soft, glazed and crispy at the top. Wagyu pattie is fresh, moist and well seasoned. In contrast with burger and chips from other burger joints, the crispy baby potatoes are a smart sides to come with the burger. It is of bite sized, golden yellow and crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. It was a delectable meal! 
Wagyu burger
PUBLIC does have some appealing pastries and desserts available for purchase near the counter. Besides that, PUBLIC is also opened for bookings for engagement parties, birthdays or special events. Do try their tapas if you happen to visit PUBLIC on Friday night.  
Eclectic mix of old and new 
Address: 12 Franklin Street, Adelaide
Trading hours: 7am-5pm (Mon-Thurs), 7am-late (Fri)
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Love, Victoria 

Monday, 21 April 2014

Koko Black

Melbourne high-end chocolatier has extended its flagship to Adelaide, opening its first salon in South Australia at the legendary Adelaide Arcade. The craze has begun ever since it is opened, coupled with the approaching Easter event, Koko Black has seen a steady flow of customers visiting the store. 

Koko Black is proud of its hand crafted chocolate, desserts as well as the chocolate beverages. On one catch up session, my friends and I ordered the dessert degustation to share. The degustation includes chocolate alchemy cake, opera gateau, raspberry chocolate mousse, Belgian mousse and chocolate ice cream. 
Dessert degustation
The Belgian mousse is light, velvety and rich in chocolate. The mousse recipe is direct from Belgium, so you can expect that the quality of the mousse is up to the par of authentic Belgian dessert. 

The chocolate alchemy cake is the salon's signature dessert. It is a chocolate cake, layered with Madagascan chocolate creme and topped with chocolate bar. According to experts' opinion, Madagascar cocoa is the finest of all due to its genetic variety and the island's rich soil.  The chocolate cake has a light texture, coupled with the soft creme, it makes a delightful dessert. 

Cutting across the raspbery chocolate mousse, the Madagascan vanilla custard flows out from the centre of the cake. In contrast with other chocolate desserts on the plate, this gives an appetizing touch to the plate due to the sourness of raspberry. The sourness of raspberry and sweetness of chocolate are balanced well. 

My favourite dessert on this plate is the opera gateau. Different from its other counterparts around the world, it has a twist with the addition of chewy salted caramel as part of its layer. Aside from that, the layers are composed of roasted coffee infused dark chocolate mousse and hazelnut dacquiose. It is unstoppable once you dug into this dessert, especially if you are one of those salted caramel fans.  

The last dessert on the tasting plate is the chocolate ice cream with praline. Again, the chocolate is evident in the ice cream. The crunchiness of praline contrasts with the smoothness of ice cream, making it a good combination. 
From the left: Belgian mousse, Chocolate alchemy cake, Raspbery chocolate mousse, Opera gateau, Chocolate ice cream
In addition to the dessert degustation, we ordered the baked chocolate tart with creme anglaise to share as well. I expected a dense and hard chocolate tart, but I got a soft and moist cake made up of 64% Madagascan chocolate in the tartlet casing instead. The texture of the chocolate cake is near molten and its warm temperature is just nice to be savoured. The vanilla anglaise is just a beautiful complement to the tart.  
Chocolate tart with creme anglaise
There is a balcony seating for Koko Black's patrons. I really love the design of the store. The lighting is comfortable and you are able to see the truffle display from top too. The service is amazing and professional as well. I had pleasant dining experience for the two visits I was there. The waitress was quick to service, polite and helpful. 
Chocolate display viewed from the balcony
On another occasion, we ordered some truffles to go with our hot chocolate drinks. My friend ordered the Yuzu truffle. It is made up of Japanese citrus fruit infused in dark chocolate ganache. I ordered the orange and cointreau truffle which is the milk ganache with cointreau-marinated candied orange. Both truffles were rich and yet not sickly sweet due to the citrus fruit content inside. 
From the back: Yuzu truffle, Orange and cointreau truffle
The hot chocolate drinks available are the Classic Belgian, Chilli, Mocha, Cinnamon and Hazelnut. I ordered the Classic Belgian whereas my friend ordered the Hazelnut ones. Both hot chocolate come with a nice pattern froth. Both the Classic Belgian and Hazelnut hot chocolate are my favourites. The Hazelnut hot chocolate has a fragrant hazelnut scent in it while the Classic Belgian has the rich chocolate feel. By far the best hot chocolate in Adelaide (along side with Steven ter Horst hot chocolate).  
Classic Belgian hot chocolate
Do visit Koko Black on Adelaide Arcade if you happen to be on Rundle Mall or have break in between classes. The truffles would also be a great idea if you are looking for gifts. 

Address: 50-52, Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall
Trading hours: 9am-5.30pm (Mon-Thurs), 9am-9pm (Fri), 9am-5pm (Sat), 10.30am-5pm (Sun)

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Love, Victoria

Unley Brunch Gems

Are you happened to pass by Unley Road and looking for brunch places to go? This blog might give you some ideas. Situated along the stretch of Unley Road are two cafes, A Mothers Milk and Roseys. They are just 17 shops apart (Yes, I actually counted it!) 

A Mothers Milk is a corner store cafe offering outdoor seating for its patron. For one visit, I chose the roast pumpkin bruschetta for my brunch of the day. 
The exterior of A Mothers Milk
A Mothers Milk serves specialty coffee. Ohh and the barista training is available here too!
The turf of a barista 
Flowers on the table always capture my eyes 
For the roast pumpkin bruchetta I ordered, it came with Danish fetta, tomato chutney and pine nuts, being served on the sourdough. This dish encompassed every single taste element, including the saltiness from Danish feta, sweetness from pumpkin, sourness and sweetness from the chutney and bitterness from parsley. The roast pumpkin mash was smooth and silky. Crunchiness can be found from the pine nuts and sourdough. On overall, it was an enjoyable dish. The addition of pepper was apt as well.   
Roast pumpkin bruschetta
Address: 105 Unley Road, Unley 5061
Trading hours: 7.30am-4pm (Mon, Wed-Fri), 8am-4pm (Sat-Sun) 
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Roseys is another brunch gem that you could find in Unley. There is a small yard behind the cafe which provides seating for its patron. Covered by the canvas, it is a great place to enjoy your brunch during spring or autumn with the pleasant breeze caressing your cheek. 

On one visit, I ordered the zucchini fritters with dill mayo, poached eggs, smoked salmon and fried capers. It was a delightful dish! Dill mayo always complements the smoked salmon well and I can't find any fault in it. The presentation was lovely! The fried capers, graced the fritters well with its saltiness. The fritters had some crunch on the outside and was not too floury. Besides that, the poached eggs had runny yolks. It was a great dish on overall. 
Zucchini fritters with dill mayo, fried capers, smoked salmon and poached eggs
My friends ordered the eggs on toast with addition of balsamic mushroom and bacon. You can choose the way you want your eggs to be cooked. One of my friends opted for scrambled eggs and it was cooked well. The texture wasn't hard and thick. The element on the plate in which I found amusing was the rye bread. It was really special and the grain component inside can be intensely tasted. 
Scrambled eggs, with balsamic mushrooms and rye bread

Sunny side up with bacon and rye bread

Happy days
Address: 139, Unley Road, Unley 5061.
Trading hours: 8am-4pm (Mon-Thurs, Sat), 8am-late (Fri), 9am-3pm (Sun)  
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Brunch is not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end. You don't get completely what you would at breakfast, but you get a good meal. -The Simpsons-

Love, Victoria  

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Indian Temptations

Can you have Indian food for lunch, dinner and supper? You certainly can, with Indian Temptations! Situated along the stretch of Main North Road is this popular Indian restaurant, specialising in North Indian food. The aroma of spices and spiciness of curry can be smelt from far as we walked from our car to the restaurant. Our taste buds and stomachs get stimulated and ready for a mouth watering experience even before we ordered. This blog post encapsulates 3 different visits over 3 years.

The flaky yet delightful pastry of Delhi Samosa can bring a great start to the dining experience in Indian Temptations. With $5, it comes with 2 generously big servings of samosas which are filled with potato, peas and ground spices. The dipping sauce which is made of tamarind, accompanies the samosa well. I really love the pastry, as it brings forth a tinge of honey-like sweetness when I crunch on it. Hallucination or not, I have no idea why I taste the sweetness as the pastry dough recipe has no sugar or honey in it.
Delhi Samosa
If you want to have something which is more moist but still want to try the samosa, Samosa Chat is a good option. The samosa is cut into smaller pieces, and served with mint chutney, tamarind chutney, chick peas, yogurt and diced onions. A tangy savoury snacks to spur your taste buds into their fullest swings.
Samosa Chat
Not a fan of samosa? You can get the onion bhaji, fritters of sliced onion in chickpea batter as entree. This filling entree comes with the tamarind sauce as well.  
Onion Bhaji
The garlic naan is a must-order-item to go with the curries in Indian Temptations. It is fried to get the crispiness on the surface and topped with garlic powder. It is not too floury as naan in Malaysia but can still be very filling as the serving is huge.  
Garlic Naan
Butter chicken and Lamb Roganjosh
Curries are essential to Indians and plenty of spices are being put into them. To get a perfect balance between the spiciness, sweetness, creaminess and savouriness of curry, the technique of cooking involved has to be up to par. Indian Temptations has done a great job in this. Among all the curries, butter chicken is one of the famous items in this Indian restaurant. It is suitable for those who can't stand spiciness as this curry is mild, filled with marinated chicken cooked in tandoori spices, tomatoes and cream.

The lamb roganjosh exudes medium spiciness which has tender lamb cubes cooked in a rich herbed oil and Indian spices. The lamb is falling apart as we delve into it, together with the naan and curry, you can be assured that you are brought to Northern India. 
Fish curry is another popular item on the menu. The level of spiciness is hot but still tolerable. The curry is not as thick as the one in butter chicken or lamb roganjosh. However, it still provides our taste buds a delightful memory, in which you will scoop more curry onto your naan and gallivant on it. 
Fish curry
Goat curry is served together with the bone. Tender goat meat it has and the curry tastes better when you suck on the bone.
Goat curry
There are a few vegetarian curries available on the menu, but the spinach paneer is the popular one. It is made up of spinach and potato simmered in a creamy sauce. Cubes of cheese can be found in the curry and the flavour of spinach is amazingly thick. Every single mouthful is full of spinach. Highly recommended for those who love spinach (like Popeye).
Mango Lassi
To cleanse your palate with something sweet after the spiciness, opt for mango lassi. It is the combination of mango, milk and yogurt, blended to produce a thick drinks.

The pricing of Indian Temptations is considerably cheap, when compared to its servings. One of the plus point is that you can phone them up to order and get a takeaway later. So why not have a try soon? 

Address: U3/490 Main North Road, Blair Athol
Trading hours: 11.30am-2am (Mon-Sun)
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