Gaucho's is an Argentinian restaurant which is situated strategically on Gouger Street near Chinatown. Being the original pioneers of Argentina, the second largest country in South America and Latin America region, the Gaucho's have roamed the country's vast plains, the pampas. He is a cowboy who practices his ancestor's tradition, raising herds and hinting ostriches. As these heroes fight against Spain successfully, they become a symbol of freedom and remain today a romantic evocation of skilful horsemanship and manly conduct. 

Given that Argentinian and Mexican food have some similarities, Argentinian food is popular for its meaty meals and chumichurri sauce which goes along well with grilled meat. This restaurant is about steaks and signature Argentinian sauce. 

The interior of the restaurant exudes romantic and high-end ambience. It is interesting that the kitchen is situated in the middle of the restaurant, dividing the seatings into front and back part. 

Churrasco Grande Reserva Wagyu 

Consists of 500g Wagyu rump, grain fed minimum 100 days, marble score of 8+, aged minimum 42 days, sourced from Alexandrina Region, SA. Add on of de Setas, mixed mushroom with caramelised leek and thyme. 

This Wagyu beef is sourced from Mayura Station, being known for its award winning full blood Wagyu. If you do not opt for add on of sauce, Wagyu will be served with olive oil and sea salt to preserve its unique flavour. 

Wagyu knowledge

  • Wagyu cattle are draft animals which have high physical endurance, yielding more intra-muscular fat or 'marbling' to provide a ready source of energy. 
  • Wagyu beef is being known as the best beef in the world. The best Wagyu is from Japan, but Australia provides the best in world outside Japan. 
  • It takes approximately 2.5 years for Wagyu cattle to become ready for market. 
  • The cattle spend their first 6-10 months with their mother until weaning, then they are fed 400-500 days on high energy diet in strict Japanese style. 
  • Marble score, rated at the 5/6th rib of loin muscle is used to catagorise the quality of the beef. The higher the marble score, the more velvety and finer the meat is. 
  • The meat after cooking is not only tender, but has a characteristically sweet flavour due to the soft unsaturated fat which can dissolves in the mouth.   
  • Full blood Wagyu is the Japanese Black Wagyu that has not had any other breed introduced into their bloodlines. It is being highly graded, 9+. 

500g Wagyu is indeed a big portion for a person to savour. It is definitely worthwhile to try Wagyu beef as it tastes significantly different from the normal steak! It is soft yet tender, an indescribable sensation! Accompanying by the mushroom sauce, the Wagyu beef is moist and you can literally see blood flowing out of the meat as you cut. A top notch luxury!

Churrasco Grande Reserva Wagyu
This main course is served with hand cut fried potatoes, rosemary and sea salt. The potatoes are not very salty and complement well with the Wagyu beef. 
Hand cut fried potatoes, rosemary and sea salt

Chimmi Churri Marinated Lamb Loin Chops with Chorizo Smashed Potatoes and Wilted Baby Spinach 

The smashed potatoes is mushy and taste really unique with the addition of chorizo (sausage). This lamb loin chops can be enjoyed with ready-served chummi churri sauce on the table. This can further enhance the flavour of the sauce in the chops. 
Pescado Del Dia

Fish of the day - Salmon and mussels

The salmon is just ordinary but the accompanying grain is special. It is yellow in colour and has the texture similar to couscous. I wish I can know its name!
Salmon and Mussels 
Vaquita Cordobessa

250g Eye fillet, pasture fed , aged minimum 28 days, from Margaret River WA, served with chummi churri, fresh chopped garlic, chives and lemon 

This eye fillet is so much behind if it is compared to Wagyu beef. However, the lemon which gives tangy sensation to the steak makes the eye fillet well balanced in flavour. This steak is not served with any side dishes, so you have to order extra sides if you want a meal with more variety. 

Beefy knowledge:
  • Pasture fed beef is healthier and lower in fat. The cattle have yellow-coloured fat as they absorb carotene from the grass. 
  • Grain fed cattle are fed on nutritionally balanced and high energy diet. The beef has marginally higher overall fat content than pasture fed cattle. Due to uniformity of the feed, grain fed beef has more consistent meat colour, fat colour and higher levels of marbling. Grain fed beef normally costs more than pasture fed beef. 
  • Eye fillet is a steak cut from the tenderloin of a beef cattle. It is a less exercised area where the meat is considered the most tender cut of beef. It is relatively lean and has very little fatty tissue. It has a mild flavour and hence responds well to sauces. Eye fillet is normally the cheapest cut of beef. 
Vaquita Cordobessa
Thanks to Gaucho's and this blog post, I know more 'beefy' knowledge. On a side note, Gaucho's is also popular for its porterhouse steak. Hope you guys enjoy the post!
Gaucho's Argentinian Restaurant

Address: 91 Gouger Street, Adelaide, SA 5000.
Trading hours: 11.30am-3pm (Mon-Fri), 5.30pm-Late (Mon-Sun)

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Love, Victoria

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