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Hey guys! It's SNEAKY PICKLE time! 

Adelaidean! Have you ever wondered who is the activation pilot of the mushrooming mobile food vendors around Adelaide for the past few months? Well! It's Splash Adelaide! It is an event which aims to bring Adelaide laneways and streets into life. Part of its painstaking effort is to encourage street food in the city, such as coffee carts, burger vans and gourmet cuisine. This has been endorsed by the Adelaide City Council in which the program will continue till end of April. I really like this idea as it brings life to Adelaide city, encourages food entrepreneurs to bring out the best of their food as well as satisfies OUR taste buds with different kinds of gourmet cuisine. 

Sneaky Pickle was first launched in December 2012. Following the launch, there is an increasing popularity for its pickles as well as its burgers. Not to feel left out, I decided to try this last Tues at North Terrace. It was a rough start for Sneaky Pickle that day because the owner parked the truck at non-parking area as all the parking areas were full. As a result, he had to wait for half an hour to get a legit parking space after the car owner in front shifted his car. Life of mobile food vendors! 

Sneaky Pickle food truck - sneaky indeed! 
Sneaky Pickle serves New York style hamburger and pickles as its side. So, you must be thinking what is the difference between New York style burger and normal one? Oh well, I was wondering too! This can be traced back to the history of hamburger (seriously?). One of the early American hamburger originated from Hamburg, New York. It was a flattened meatball being sandwiched by two breads. So, there comes the term New York styled burger. Well, to me, it's just a burger, most important is its taste!   

Menu of the day 
There are only four options in which you can choose for your lunch, as shown on the board. I picked Texas pulled pork + Slaw bun with BBQ corn and pickles for mine. 

Texas pulled pork + Slaw bun + BBQ corn + Pickles 
The pulled pork which is made up of pork shoulder was well marinated and juicy! 

Pulled pork 
The pickles was amazing too! The sourness with a tinge of sweetness appetised me indeed. 

I loved the BBQ corn too! Although it was a little bit dry, but the grilled sensation just covered it all. However, the bun was too soaked up by the juice from pulled pork, making it to be soggy. On overall, it was satisfactory. I shall try fried pickles with mayo as well as Reuben burger soon! 

On a side note, Fork on the Road is happening this Sun (17/3) at the Depot. It would be an aggregation of over 36 mobile food vendors! That will be a pleasant afternoon for food with great music! See you guys there! 

Love, Victoria 

Address: refer to Facebook page or Where The Truck
Trading hours: 11.30am - 2pm (Mon-Fri)

Sneaky Pickle Roaming Food Truck on Urbanspoon

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