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Hello lovelies! Excitement overfills my heart and soul as I am writing this post because it is the start of my mid term break! How many of you love breaks and holidays? I am sure most of you do! It's a time where we can take a break from the busy routine of university and catch up with friends and family! Brunch can be a great idea to start off with! Adelaide suburb always has a lot of hidden gems in which I cannot find myself stop stumbling upon. Bar 9, a tea and coffee specialist as well as brunch cafe situated in Unley, is one of them! 

As soon as we entered the cafe, the aroma of coffee greeted us before the friendly staff did. Bar 9 is also affectionately known as the 'coffee nerds shed' which is very aptly named. It does have some popup cafe in the city once in a while. The most recent popup was at the Depot for the Fork on The Road event on 17 March. It was an overwhelming response!

We were served to a table with menus available for us to choose our breakfast options. There is also a tablet at the brewing corner in which you can choose your tea or coffee from.

Creamy Truffled Mushroom Ragu

Served on toast with poached eggs and finished with truffled honey. This is highly recommended! The emphasis on mushroom has added some bonus points as I am a mushroom fan! A scoop of mushroom stimulates more than just one type of taste buds. It is sweet, creamy and has a tinge of saltiness. And come on! It is truffled mushroom, one of the best mushroom that you can ever ask for! On top of that, the toast and poached eggs match with the mushroom really well, making this a heavenly brunch! 

Mushroom ragu

Filter coffee

This is offered by Just Brewed which is a young off shoot from Bar 9, situated just right beside the cafe. You can find no expresso, cappuccino and chai latte over here as the team's focus is on quality tea and simplistic brewing.

Filter coffee is a healthy and natural way to taste the origin qualities behind the bean. It is generally served black and more caffeinated than expresso-based coffee yet lighter and sweeter. See other ranges of teas and coffees here.

Guatemala carmona 
Super creamy body with milk chocolate, buttery caramel and juicy green apple acidity. It is not too bitter but I cannot taste the presence of milk chocolate texture. 

Primavera Arnulfo Leguizamo 
Creamy texture, balanced and super sweet flavour giving way to accents of mango, mandarin, cherry and delicate florals. It tastes really bitter! 

I am not so much a coffee person and so I am not able make any comments about that. 

Filter coffee
English Muffin

Served with vanilla bean mascarpone, frangelico macerated strawberry, basil and toasted hazelnut 

A sweet deal where dessert is incorporated into breakfast. The mascarpone has a really smooth texture and melts upon entering the mouth. If you are craving for dessert in the morning, this muffin can be a good idea. 

English muffin with vanilla bean mascarpone
The interior of the cafe is chiller-friendly as Bar 9 provides comfortable wooden seats, backgrounded by the ocean blue wall and paintings. 
Seatings by the window
Interior design with Specials board hung on the wall
Cafe interior
Near the pastries and desserts display corner, there is a bench over the coffee and tea brewing place where you can sit while watching the barristas preparing the beverages. 

Bench and brewing corner
Pastry and dessert display corner

On overall, I love the mushroom ragu so much! I might come back again for another cup of coffee. Maybe capuccino this time off. Cheers! 

Address: 96 Glen Osmond rd, Parkside SA 5063
Trading hours: 7.30am-4pm (Mon-Fri), 8.30am-2pm (Sat-Sun)

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Love, Victoria

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