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Finally! Australian-owned Chocolateria San Churro has set its foot on Adelaide, opening its first ever Adelaide branch at the corner of Rundle Street and East Terrace. I always thought that San Churro is popular for its churros, not until I read about the restaurant's history here. Ultimately, the restaurant's passion is all about Chocolate. Let's dive into some history of chocolate before devouring the delectable piece. 

It was believed that cocoa beans originated from Mexico. How do they travel from Mexico to Spain? Here is how the story rolls out! Being driven by lust for wealth and power, the great Spanish explorer, Hernán Cortés, arrived at Mexico and was mistaken by the local inhabitants as patron of cocoa crops. In order to honour the deity, the Aztec Emperor offered him a golden goblet of xocolatl - a bitter, thick drink made from ground cocoa beans and infused with spices and chilli. Upon tasting this intoxicated drink, Cortés reckoned that there was something unique in there. In the end, he brought back a ship laden with cocoa beans back to Spain and the secret knowledge of preparing the exotic cocoa drink of the Aztec. The King of Spain was deeply moved after having the drink and decreed it to be exclusive for the enjoyment of the nobility. And the secret knowledge was only kept with the Spanish monk in which they sweetened and refined the recipe to create an exotic new hot chocolate drink later. 

How do this exclusive drink become so widely available nowadays? This is related to the figure San Churro in which you can find on the chocolateria's plate. He was a heroic monk who started the initiative to share chocolate with everyone after bringing the bedridden Queen of Spain back to life with a drink of hot chocolate. 

Chocolateria San Churro takes pride in its couverture chocolate which is rich in cocoa butter and high in cocoa solids. This is the authentic chocolate which has rich intense flavour, smooth finish, creamy mouth feel, low melting point and brittle texture. 

There are three options of chocolate in which you can choose from in San Churro:

1) Milk chocolate:

Composition: 36% cocoa solids, whole milk solids, vanilla, more sugar 
Texture and flavour: Smooth, velvety and sweet, subtle hints of vanilla and caramel

2) Dark chocolate:

Composition: 60% cocoa solids, more cocoa butter, small amount of sugar, vanilla and lecithin
Texture and flavour: almost no bitterness, complex fruity undertones, lingering smoky aftertaste

3) White chocolate

Composition: 32% cocoa butter, sugar, milk, vanilla, no cocoa solids
Texture and flavour: sweet and buttery, soft vanilla flavour, hints of honey, silky and caramelly finish

Churros Fiesta

A great idea for a late night supper hang out with your gang of friends - consists of 18 churros and 6 pots of melted chocolate of your choice. The choices are caramel, white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate. 

San Churro's churros taste differently from the normal churros due to their outer crunchier layer and less soft floury texture. I still prefer churros from Churroz as they have inner soft texture, incorporated in crunchy outer covering. 
Churros Fiesta
Milk chocolate and caramel are my preference of accompaniments as they are sweet and complement well with the subtle flavour of churros. Dark chocolate can be too rich and hence will steal the highlight of churros. White chocolate on the other hand is too sweet. 
Caramel, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate

San Churro Ice Cream Sundae

Consists of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownie, served with whipped cream, melted chocolate and chocolate chip 

It is not too spectacular but it can be a good relief from hot weather or an own challenge during the chilly winter. The brownie is not too sweet and the sundae comes in pretty big serve. 
San Churro Ice Cream Sundae

San Churro Macarons

The colour of macarons is really bright and tempting. Some fillings available are peanut butter, salted caramel, cookies and cream, chocolate and raspberry. 
San Churro Macarons

Mango Tango

Thinking of combining fruits and chocolate together? This is a good choice of drink! It consists of mango sorbet and white couverture chocolate. It is so rich and melts in mouth instantly! A gulp down your throat will give you a sweet sensation, followed by a tinge of mango after taste. Great combination!
Mango Tango

Peanut Butter Bomba

The newest creation of the chocolateria - addition of sweet, nutty peanut butter to your choice of Spanish hot chocolate.

If you are a peanut butter fanatic, this can be your favourite as the resulting product has sweet and intense flavour of peanut butter.  
Peanut Butter Bomba
Tempted to try and share with your friends? There is a special corner in San Churro where you can buy its merchandise items including mugs and chocolate drink!
Everybody deserves chocolate!
Aside from chocolate, San Churro does offer something more, including churros, macarons, truffle, ice cream, desserts, shakes and smoothies.
Desserts on display
Choices of ice cream

  • reduce risk of heart disease and cancer
  • reduce pain 
  • enhance mood
  • an aphrodisiac - better than kissing!
  • increase brain power
  • cure diarrhoea and cough
  • reduce chronic fatigue
  • reduce PMS and SAD
  • improve skin condition

Given that there are a lot of health benefits provided by chocolate, all the more we have reasons to savour them! How can you ever resist the temptation of chocolate?! A bite a day keeps the gloominess away. *wink* 

Do sign up for San Churro's newsletter online here to get a your free birthday Churros!


Address: Shop 5, 300 Rundle Street, Adelaide, SA 5000.
Trading hours: 10am-11pm (Sun-Thurs), 10am - 1am (Fri-Sat)

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Love, Victoria

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  1. Hey Victoria!! I have tried From Scratch pastries before and yes, they are delicious! Only problem is I live out of the city (I am actually staying in Barossa Valley due to work commitments) so I find it difficult to get my hands on their pastries! >< A bit annoying... best time would be to drop by to the Farmer's market that runs every sunday at the showgrounds:))

    1. Awwww I see. Hope you enjoy it! and all the best on your work! :)

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