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A good breakfast always blows my mind away! If you are following this blog close enough, you will notice that I am actually in a breakfast/brunch hunt. And From Scratch Patisserie is my newest addiction! This patisserie is a proud child of a pair of young couple, Johnny and Edwina. 

I always adore pastry, loving the softness and buttery texture of the layers. Different toppings or fillings can come in as a surprise because you will be amazed by their impeccable combination with the pastry. Gahh! A beautiful morning can be birthed through a satisfying breakfast. 

From Scratch Patisserie provides a few series of pastry for its customers to choose from, including brioche, cookies, croissants, danish, tarts, sfogliatelle, fritata, pies, eclairs and macarons. They look so tempting and I am spoilt for choices!

More patisserie 
Pain Au Chocolat
Croissant like pastry with dark chocolate sticks baked inside. This is my favourite of all! It is soft, flaky and buttery with chocolate flowing out when you take a bite. Given that I am a croissant and chocolate lover, I can never get sick of this! A must try! 

Layers of wafer like pastry with a cooked ricotta and semolina custard, citron peel, cinnamon and vanilla. It has a hard crusty covering with a generous serve of smooth custard inside. The custard has a mild flavour as ricotta does not really stand out. 

She's Apples 
Almond pasted pastry with apples, cinnamon and vanilla baked with a biscuit crumble on top. This is one of the most popular pastry in the patisserie. The biscuit crumble complements the apple well, which reminds me of apple crumble. It is not too sweet though.

Ugly Raspbettie
Laminated pastry rolled up and baked with vanilla custard and raspberry then rolled in cinnamon sugar. This is the most popular pastry and I can see the reason of its popularity. The layer of pastry is prominent and soft. A small bite will release the buttery flavour together with its raspberry fillings. Highly recommended!

Wham Bam Strawberry Jam
Seasonal fruit danish - flaky yet buttery pastry topped with seasonal fruits. This is not too bad, but I find the layers to be harder than the one in Pain Au Chocolat.  

Nice Nuts
Hazelnut pasted scroll with cinnamon and vanilla roasted peanuts, hazelnuts and almonds. The hazelnut paste becomes the limelight of the pastry, accompanied by different kind of nuts. Like the wham bam strawberry jam, I find the pastry a little bit hard. 

Clockwise: Wham Bam Strawberry Jam, Sfogliatelle, Pain Au Chocolat, Ugly Raspbetti, Nice Nuts
The popup patisserie at Leigh Street is situated just beside Coffee Branch and only opens on Friday from 7am to 9am. The early bird catches the worm, so do drop by before going to work or classes and grab an awesome pastry from there. You can choose to sit at the tables provided by Coffee Branch to savour them too. In case you miss out on the Friday popup, you can still visit it at the Farmers Market, Adelaide Showground. 

People lining up for the pastry
The quaint popup stall is definitely a not-miss when you pass by Leigh Street on Friday morning. I will definitely come back again for more pastries. Till then, From Scratch Patisserie. 

Address and Trading hours: Adelaide Showground Farmers Market - 9am-1pm (Sun); outside City Council - 7am-9am (Wed); Leigh Street - 7am-9am (Fri)

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  1. Thanks for the informative post! I work so close to this place and really wanted to try it out..and would have missed it if I had not read your post about the opening times!
    I'm new to the blog sphere but am very inspired by your blog. Keep up the good work :) Cheers


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