St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert

If I were to name a dessert cafe that never fail to impress me, I would say it is St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert. In fact, their novelty has been recognised as written in 14 Australian Ice Cream Shops You Need To Visit Before You Die. This blog post is written after umpteen times of visits. 

There are a few highlights in the store, namely their house churned ice cream, churros and their dessert creations. 

For their dessert creations, I had ordered the Eton Mess. It was served in a martini glass with layers of crunchy meringue, fresh strawberries, berry puree and French Vanilla ice cream, drizzled with pouring cream and hazelnut ganache. The berry puree was so divine with the refreshing burst of sweetness and sourness from the berries. Fresh strawberry and meringue added another layers of texture whereas the ice cream was so smooth that it melted in my mouth straight away. I really loved the combination of the berry puree and the meringue. It is NOT messy at all! 
Eton Mess
Another favourite dessert creation is the Archie's Cookie Crunch. It was served in a tall glass with layers of shortbread cookies, melted Nutella, fresh strawberries and Cookies and Cream ice cream. Again, this was another dessert full of textures and flavours. It did get a bit fiddly to eat at the end when we were reaching for the bottom of the glass. The dessert was fresh and sweet. On top of that, who can resist the addition of Nutella?? The cookies and cream ice cream did not particularly taste much like Oreo but it was really nice.
Archie's Cookie Crunch
Apart from that, we also ordered the Nutella Affogato. The balloon martini glass was used to serve the french vanilla ice cream and melted Nutella with a shot of espresso coffee and a biscotti. My friend totally enjoyed this creation.
Nutella Affogato
On some instances, I just felt like ordering the ice cream to take away and this decision never disappoint too. I have to say that St Louis serves one of the best ice cream in Adelaide!
St Louis Ice Cream
St Louis can be also a serious competitor to San Churro in terms of their churros. I prefer the churros in St Louis as they are crispy but yet not too hard and still have a soft filling inside. The churros are dressed with cinnamon sugar and served with choices of warm melted dipping chocolate. My preference of dipping chocolate is always the milk and dark chocolate.
Churros for Two
Crepe is pretty versatile to be prepared either in savoury or sweet fashion. What is better than a dessert crepe in a dessert house? I ordered the Dulce de Leche Banana Crepe. It was a thin crepe, filled with fresh banana, honey roasted nuts and dulce de leche, topped with Dulce De Leche ice cream. The salted caramel was highlighted throughout the dish and well executed.
Dulce de Leche Banana Crepe
In addition to crepe, we also ordered the Choc Peanut Butter and Banana Waffle. The Belgian waffle was drizzled with peanut butter and melted milk chocolate, topped with crunchy honey roasted nuts, banana and French Vanilla ice cream. The waffle possessed crunchiness and softness at the right spot.
Choc Peanut Butter and Banana Waffle 
Every dessert session at St Louis is a satisfying one. If you are craving for dessert during breakfast, fret not, St Louis will be there for you as they are opened from 7.30am.

Do remember to follow them on Instagram as they always come up with promotions such as Churros Buy One Free One and Dessert Creations Buy One Free One. It would be a good chance to secure a great deal with them.

Address: 19 Gouger Street, Adelaide 
Trading hour: 7.30am-11pm (Mon-Thurs), 7.30am-12am (Friday), 9am-11pm (Sun)MONDAY - 

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Love, Victoria 

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