Thyme Cafe

Thyme Cafe is a gem hidden behind the few large trees along King William Street just opposite Victoria Square. You might overlook it when you pass by but the smell of thyme should have been able to attract your sense of smell. 

Adopted from the cafe's website, Thyme Cafe is operated by an award winning Chef Anelle Bosch. As the name implies, it circles around the theme of thyme, be it breakfast, lunch or even coffee. For just one year of operation, it manages to be a finalist in the Restaurant & Catering SA 2012 (Best New Venue). It shows that the potential for this cafe is expanding. 

I got a $19 breakfast voucher for 2 people from Cudo one month ago. Being an one-year-old oldie in Adelaide, I decided to bring my newly found sis, Yori for an Australian-style brunch since she is new in Adelaide! And hereby, our food journey started. 

We reached at around 1.30pm which was very late as the kitchen was preparing to be closed. Thank God the chef was kind enough to prepare a satisfying lunch for us. We started off with a glass of orange juice. You can opt for wine too. 

We were only allowed to order our meals from the breakfast menu as stated on the voucher. Hence, I ordered an Eggs Royale and Yori ordered an Eggs Benny. The meal came pretty fast since there was not much customers in the cafe. 

Eggs Royale which I had ordered was a poached free range eggs and smoked salmon on toasted vienna topped with hollandaise sauce, capers and red onion. The toasted vienna was crispy and yet not burnt. Together with the flowing yolk from the poached egg and smoked salmon, the vienna just tasted so good. In addition, the hollandaise sauce was mild and not too acidic. I was served with a small bar of butter to be spreaded on the toasted vienna. Thumbs up for this! 

Eggs Royale
Yori's Eggs Benny was a poached free range eggs and smoky ham on toasted Vienna topped with Hollandaise sauce. It was pretty much the same as my Eggs Royale but the ham just made a difference. I think the emphasis should be put on poached eggs and its combination with other accompaniments. Thyme Cafe just succeeded in doing this. Oh! The cracked pepper was just another add point to the meal! Another thumbs up! 

Eggs Benny 
Orange juice 
The cafe actually offers more than just thyme based meals. You can order non-thyme breakfast from a quite comprehensive menu, just like us! The environment of Thyme Cafe is really cozy with its painting by well known Adelaide artist. If you like one of these paintings, you can actually buy from the cafe itself. It also has an open air area outside the cafe if you prefer to have your breakfast outdoor. 

The interior

Paintings on the wall 
And I got a new cafe to be added into my breakfast spot list! Check out my breakfast experience at Mart 130 and Loose Caboose Cafe here!

With a cup of hot sweet mochaccino, we ended our lunch with a happy stomach, and my blog post too. 

p/s: Check out Living Social at the side bar. It offers pretty good discount! 

Love, Victoria

Adress: 191a, Victoria Square, Adelaide, SA 5000
Trading hours: 7.30am - 2.30pm (Mon-Sat) 

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    HAHA. Just wanted to say hi, let you know I read your foodblog and thanks for introducing places I've never heard of through here! hee hee! I'll go eat brunch at Thyme one day! Cheers ;)

    1. Thank you Kendra!! Appreciate your time reading it! Hope you enjoy the food there :)


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