Anyone having lactose intolerance or does not like milk? Well, the name of this dessert cafe will not reflect who you are. Being snugly situated at Norwood, Milkaholic is famous as a dessert cafe. I love the design of the cafe as it is a brick house which exudes peacefulness and elegance. 

Judging from its name, you might have predicted that this cafe serves a lot of milk-based products. But, surprisingly, this is not the case. Apart from desserts, it does provide breakfast, brunch and dinner to its customers on weekends. Milkaholic does organise some themed events at some of the weeknights too. 

The exterior - so homely
Southern styling BBQ night on Wed and Thurs
Moving from exterior to interior of the cafe, I found that this cafe is a good hang-out place, especially during summer as it provides an semi-open-air area for its customers. You can enjoy the dessert together with the pleasant breezy weather. Such a pleasure!

Semi-open-air area - the windows are opened for better circulation
Besides the semi-open-air area, you can choose to sit at the benches where lots of artsy pictures can be found hanging on the wall for adoration. 

Nice ambience

Cute milking cow as logo, printed on the glass door
Each dining table has its own tea light holder and candle, which gives the diner a sense of romanntic feel. 

The candle and menu
We ordered several items from the menu: 

Mina colada: a smoothies made up of frozen bananas, mango nectar, coconut milk and ice cream. 

Milkaholic was really generous with the amount of banana and mango, yielding this fantastic rich smoothie. Coconut milk was subtle in flavour and this made the highlight of the drink on mango and banana. Great beverage indeed! 

Mina Colada 
Chilli fries:
Nice accompaniment seasoned with chilli powder. Chips is just perfect at any time of the day. Anyone with me? 

Chilli fries
The noshing plate: tasting platter of three desserts. 

Blackberry lime cheesecake with gingersnap crumble, fresh blueberries and boysenberry ice cream (Boysenberry is a cross between European raspeberry, common blueberry and loganberry.):  

I really love this dessert as the three components mixed together so well that you want more! 

Triple chocolate tart with hazelnuts and toffee popcorn crunch, and sprinkled with a little sea salt:

The popcorn was crunchy and AMAZING! Triple chocolate tart was ordinary though. 

Vanilla bean panna cotta with passionfruit compote (in the jar):

This dessert was out of my sweetness tolerance. It was too sweet! 
Noshing plate
I only like the blueberry cheesecake out of all desserts. However, I shall not do Milkaholic any injustice based on the noshing plate itself. It is because I heard that its sticky date pudding is spectacular. I should go back soon as its menu has slight changes each week. 

Love, Victoria 


Address: 61a Edward Street, Norwood, SA 5000.
Trading hours: 6pm-12am (Wed-Thurs), 7.30pm-12am (Fri), 9am-12am (Sat, Sun)

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