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Macaron is a small round cakes, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle. As simple as it seems to be, the amount of time and patience behind its production is enormous. Paris is the home of macaron and it has given birth to a lot of renowned macaron patisserie  including Ladurée. Thanks to global enterprise, macaron has become more accessible around the whole world. An affordable luxury that we can get nowadays.  

With the upsurge of macaron everywhere, even in general supermarket such as Woolworths, how can you differentiate between good and bad macaron? Well, there is a guide here! Basically, the warning signs would be air bubbles, detached cookie shells, excessive colouring, staleness, substitution of ground almond for pistachio, excessive sugar, insufficient grounding of almond, insufficient filling and proportion of macaron. I really salute those macaron chef as a lot of wisdom is involved in the making process. 

Founded since 1862, Ladurée started off as a bakery, later on as a tea room selling pastry followed by the birth of macaron.It has been named by the panel of contributing editor from Paris by Mouth as the top five great places for macaron. This shop is the grande dame of Paris patisserie and pioneer of Macaron Mania. Now, it has over 20 shops around the whole world, whereby the one and only shop in Australia is situated in Sydney. I am very privileged to have a bite on these petite macaron when my housemate's boyfriend came over to Adelaide and visit. 

The macaron came in a box of 6. I cannot get to choose the flavour of macaron in the gift box. Beggars can't be choosers. Hence, I was more than happy to try out any flavour that was included in the gift box. The gift box had a light pink colour. Being enhanced by the silver printed border, it exuded the elegance of Ladurée.   

The macaron box 

A box of 6 macaron

From the top: 
Almond marshmallow
Violet marshmallow

On overall, they did not taste as amazing as I thought it would be. But it definitely lighted up my day with the bright colours and the sugar rush. Although I am not a macaron person, but I do appreciate macaron (sounds contradicting oh well!) Macaron still tastes the best when it is fresh. 

Not being able to enjoy Ladurée macaron? Don't worry! Because you can click into Ladurée website and have a virtual sensation of being in that vintage tea room, enjoying the huge variety of patisserie, and of course macaron! 

Love, Victoria  

Address: 100 Market St Level 3 Westfield, Sydney.
Trading hours: 9.30am - 6pm (Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat), 9.30am - 9pm (Thurs), 10am-6pm

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