Burps and Giggles

What happens when you are full? Yes! BURPSSSSSSS (oopsss!) 
What are girls good at when they are gossiping? Yes! GIGGLESSSSSSS

Believe it or not, these two things are one of the most enjoyable things in life, especially in front of your close friends and family! Hmm, it sounds yucky (for burps) but who cares? You are built according to the image of God. Just be yourself! So, God burps and giggles? I would like to think so! *wink*

This is what happen when you burp and giggle at the same time: having a satisfying meal while catching up with fellow friends, chatting with all your heart out. Suiting the name of the cafe, Burps and Giggles in Ipoh has indeed lived up to expectation to give its customers a pleasant place to dine out and meet up. 

Burps and Giggles is a heritage cafe which is run by the same group of people who founded Indulgence. It has a similar concept with China House in Penang. It was originally a tailor shop which was then renovated to a funky and artsy cafe. It can go unnoticeable if you pass by the main road as you will treat it as an another-old-building. Well it's not!

The inviting entrance

Before my Ipoh visit for Christmas with E, I googled up some cafe in Ipoh so that this visit will be more foodie. Then I managed to find this place! Being said that it is handled by Indulgence, my expectation towards their food quality has been elevated. After a long struggle on its food menu board (they don't have a table menu and they always change menu), we managed to order! 

The passionfruit mango smoothie is just average. E requested to add water because this is too sour for him. (DUHHH!)  To me the taste is alright but I am quite disappointed that it does not turn out to be like smoothie (ice blended and with thick texture). Instead, it is more like passionfruit juice + mango juice + ice. 

Passionfruit mango smoothie 
Smoothie aside, it's time to try the GREEKO Burger! It is a lamb pattie burger with red peppers, onions, olives, cheese and mint yogurt. Goodness! Even the sight of it already keeps my salivary glands busy! The serrated knife comes with the burger to keep its content intact together. It is an absolute heaven, probably the best burger I have ever eaten after Burger Theory in Adelaide! The pattie is minced to bits and you can feel it melting in your mouth together with the cheese. I love the burger bread the most! It is crispy and grilled to perfection. Everything just mix together seamlessly! 

E ordered the JAMMY Burger. It contains Angus beef pattie, Jalapeno, tomato jam, cheese, tomato and onions. Similar to the Greeko Burger, the pattie is cooked and minced to the golden standard, not to say that the sauce tastes good too. Nevertheless, I love my Greeko Burger more! 

JAMMY Burger 
Drinks down, main meal down, it's dessert time! The banana crepe is normal as I am not a fan of crepe. Sprinkled with icing sugar, the crepe is sweet and kind of soft due to the water content of banana. 

Banana crepe 
Besides food, Burps and Giggles does provide its customers an art-appreciating environment. 

Alley behind the cafe
Bicycle-themed-attic area
Decoration on the wall

Overlapping chair design 
Heritage-feel window
High table 
Burps and Giggles is a place that you cannot miss if you ever visit Ipoh! 

Oops!! Happy meal makes people fat :P
With Jamie at the rundown place behind the cafe - transformed into a library 

Very nice painting - it would be nicer with E's smile!! 
Hope you enjoy the post! 

Love, Victoria

Address: 93 & 95, Jalan Sultan Yussuf, 30000 Ipoh, Perak. 
Trading hours: 8.30am - 7.15pm (Mon, Wed-Sun) [closed on Tues]  

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