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Onyx Dessert Lounge is a fairly new dessert spot in Adelaide for around 5 months, as I am writing, now. It is a lounge situated at one of the famous dining street, O' Connell Street. Its feature is desserts and cocktails as well as the ambience. Cocktails and desserts make a good combination as both flavours blend together to provide a balance for our taste buds. 

I passed by this place out of random and I was deeply attracted by its colourful interior (scroll down and you will get to see it!). That was how I was strongly motivated to visit this lounge. And so, me and my friends went there for her graduation and birthday celebration. Food journey starts NOW! 

We were greeted by a friendly Onyx team member and the contemporary decor as we entered the door. The decor is simple yet trendy, oozing out the playfulness through the mix and match of bright colour from curtains, sofa, wall and bar. 

The interior decor
There is a multi coloured semi-glass panel near the kitchen area. Onyx team has been wanting to create an European ambience for its customers in embarking on their food journey.

Bar area 
We were assigned to a private seating area which is suitable for big group of people. It looked like a giant fitting room, being surrounded by transparent curtains. I really liked the settings as it provided intimacy within our group of friends. 

View from my seat 
Apart from its contemporary setting, Onyx is standing out uniquely from its peer by displaying its menu on a TABLET! It consists of 13 pages, including desserts, cocktails, snacks, wine and main meals. This could mean that you can have your dinner all settled in a dessert lounge not to mention treating yourself to a dessert feast. 

For the cocktails, Onyx has catagorised them into 4 different sense of taste. Reference to the waiter regarding the matching of cocktail to certain dessert is highly recommended. As we choose what to clothe, desserts do match well with certain type of cocktail. That would bring out the best of both.

The table menu
The waiting staffs were really polite and professional in ensuring their customers to have a five-star service. The drinks and desserts were served shortly after we ordered. A napkin folded in a tower shape was provided for each of us.

Can't wait to see the presentation of cocktails and desserts? I feel you! So, here you go! 


Snickers Martini

It is a liquid snickers being served in a martini glass with nutty caramel sheet. The nutty caramel tastes like chinese nutty sugar bar. The smell of alcohol is strong with a tinge of sweet snicker within. The bottom of the glass is filled with caramel where the sweetness originates. This can be ordered in combination with Cuban Chocolate Square or Lemon Mascarpone Cheesecake

Snickers Martini

St Germain Sour 

It lies in the sour section of cocktail. It is a combination of elderberries, lemon, mint, and passionfruit which will give you a refreshing start to your dessert. The passionfruit sorbet is not too sweet, whereas the addition of mint further enhances the cocktail. There is not much alcoholic element in this, hence it is recommended for those who can't stand the smell of alcohol and yet want to have a try.

St Germain Sour 

Onyx Expresso Martini 

A coffee enthusiast? This can be your choice. Onyx's style of mixing vanila vodka, frangelino, fresh coffee and creme de cacao together has produced this martini where you can taste both coffee and alcohol. Interestingly, the foamy layer will still remain even after you drink till the bottom of the glass. This was ordered in combination with Chocolate Fondant

Expresso Martini


Chocolate Fondant

with Poached Pear, Creme Angalaise (light pouring custard), Nutmeg Chantilly (whipped cream) and Honey Honeycomb

Instead of being gooey, the chocolate fondant is a little bit dry and not too sweet. There is only a little amount of melted chocolate in the middle of fondant, which makes it not too surprising. The ginger ice cream is special as it exudes sweetness and spiciness at the same time. Worthwhile to be mentioned, Onyx has incorporated gold leaf on poached pear, which makes this dessert an exquisite one. Its effort of making the honeycomb is applaudable too as the strands are pretty even in texture. 

Chocolate fondant

Cuban Chocolate Square

with Burnt Milk Gelato, Praline Cigar and Hazelnut Praline

This is another top effortful dessert in Onyx as it is full of creativity. Do you notice the long radar which is radiating from the caramelised sugar blob? You will be surprised that it is quite stable and sturdy. In addition, the cigar which is made up of praline has soft fillings within the harder covering. It tastes like Magnum Ice Cream. For the chocolate square, you can taste the rich dark chocolate before the rum kicks in as it contains alcohol. However, the ice cream is pretty normal and tastes like vanilla ice cream instead. 

Cuban Chocolate Square

Lemon Mascarpone Cheesecake 

with Balsamic Ice Cream, Fig Jelly, Caramelized Fig, Grape Gel and Cinnamon Lavosh

The cheesecake has a subtle flavour instead of being cheesy. I still prefer a rich cheesecake though. The knife which is biscuit-like is really unique as you can eat the whole knife without hurting your throat. The fig jelly is indescribable, probably because fig is one of the incomprehensible fruits for me. 

Lemon Mascarpone Cheesecake

Sticky Date Pudding 

with Caramel Sauce, Orange Peel Ice Cream and Blood Orange Jelly

Sticky date pudding tastes pretty good aside from the more-buttery-than-usual texture. I really like the orange peel ice cream as it gives us the summery feeling where our taste buds are further stimulated for further degustation. Blood orange jelly is being decorated by gold leaf too. 

Sticky Date Pudding

Lemon Sugar Caramelized Vanilla Creme Brulee 

with Chocolate Ganache and Palet Breton

The creme brulee is soft with caramelized top layer. Chocolate ganache is more rich than the Cuban Chocolate Square. Besides that, the palet breton which is a french biscuit has a crunchy texture. 

Lemon Sugar Caramelized Vanilla Creme Brulee
Yours truly blogger 

The dessert team 
On overall, Onyx provides its customers a tip-top experience in regards to its creativity and effort in presenting the dessert, not to mention the variety of self-created mixed cocktails. The ambience and customer service which are excellent have contributed to my pleasant dining experience too. However, the desserts and cocktails are pretty expensive, ranging from $16-$22. The desserts are pretty subtle in flavour. This would be a great place if you are looking for a special hang out event and birthday celebration. 

It is an Easter weekend. What does Easter mean to you besides the long weekend? To me, it is a time of gratitude and appreciation of what Jesus has done on the cross for us. Have a blessed Easter!

Love, Victoria

Address: 163 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide, SA 5006
Trading hours: 6pm-12pm (Wed-Thurs), 5pm-1am (Fri-Sat), 4pm-10pm (Sun) 

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