Malaysia's National Day and Muah Chee

Hi readers! It has been really encouraging to receive comments from a couple of you that you have been keeping an eye on this blog and how useful it can be to find a hangout place and good food! With heartfelt gratitude, I hope you (yes, you!) will continue to follow this blog for more culinary journeys ahead with me! 

It is Malaysia National Day today! 56 years had gone since Malaysia gained independence from British colony. It is the day to applaud the painstaking effort given by the nation leaders as well as to pray and anticipate for the better future of Malaysia. Malaysia is a blessed country, shielded from natural disasters and has bountiful natural resources. Not to mention that it is also a melting pot of different cultures and this can be demonstrated through the variety of food it offers.  

How do Malaysians often gather together? Yes, it's FOOD. We often have open houses during festivals and food is definitely not an element that you can exclude. NEVER! This idea has been engrained into every overseas Malaysian student's mind and that is why Merdeka Raya was being held at Adelaide University today. It was a collaborated event of National Day and Eid al-Fitr (Feast of Breaking Fast). 

Let us have a brief overview on the array of food the committee had come out for the day. 


Lontong with peanut sauce
Fried mashed potato

Roti canai
Breadcrumb chicken
Nasi lemak with rendang
The food was really yummy, especially the satay sauce and lontong. With one serve per dish, I was full to the brim. Thank God my baju kurung did not burst! Anyway, it was a great get-together event whereby I got to see my fellow Malaysians whom I lost touch with. The warm weather, the Malaysian food, the people and the colourful decoration had made me to miss Malaysia even more. Home is where the heart is!

Pretty flower deco 
Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!
Since it is a celebration day today, my Penangite identity has stirred me to make a Malaysian Penang food. This is none other than my favourite muah chee, a glutinous rice ball dessert coated with peanut and sugar! Guess what? You can make it in 10 minutes time!! You will only need microwave oven, glutinous rice flour, peanut powder and sugar. I was a bit sceptical when I saw the recipe online but the result turned out to be quite good! It might be slightly chewier than normal but the peanut powder covers it well. You can try to play with the proportion of water and glutinous rice flour to get your desired texture. 

Ingredients (for 1 serve)
- 60g glutinous rice flour
- 90ml water
- 1 tablespoons of cooking oil
- Peanut/sugar mix or crushed peanut candy 

1) Mix glutinous rice flour, water and cooking oil together in a microwaveable bowl. 
2) Microwave it for 3.5 minutes. Cut the sticky mixture into small lumps and coat them with peanut and sugar mix. 
3) Enjoy!

You can get the recipe from here.   

Muah Chee
Hope you guys have a good day so far! Do try out the recipe and let me know what you think. Once again, Happy Birthday Malaysia! 

Yours truly blogger
 Love, Victoria


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  1. Happy Independence Day - all of these recipes look like they are all worth celebrating for!


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