Australia's Best Home Cooked Dish Competition

Are you an avid home cook? Are you constantly receiving compliments from your friends and family on your delectable home cooked dish? Are you a foodie? Are you passionate about food? Do you have a signature home cook dish you are proud of? 

Well, that must a sign for you to enter Australia's Best Home Cooked Dish Competition held by Noosa International Food and Wine Festival! The festival is happening for the 11th year in 2014 from Thursday 15 May to Sunday 18 May. What an amazing event to combine the sunny and beautiful Noosa with variety of food!

All you need to do is to submit your best savoury recipe online at The cost of the dish has to be less than $15 per serve. Besides that, photos and 30 seconds video have to be submitted together with the recipe. The submission will give you a chance to enter the semi final in your respective state to contend for a spot in the grand finale at Noosa.

Lucrative prizes are up for grab, including a trip for 2 to London for the Australian's best home cooked dish! The state prizes include a trip to Noosa International Food and Wine Festival whereby you can experience the vibe in the midst of fine food! How cool is this!

Still thinking of whether you should enter the competition, let me persuade you with 4 reasons:

#Reason 1: An opportunity to show cast your home cooked dish to the nation
#Reason 2: An opportunity to meet up with great chefs, home cooks and foodies
#Reason 3: An opportunity to attend Noosa International Food and Wine Festival
#Reason 4: An opportunity to win a trip for 2 to London

Do take note that it has to be savoury dish, but not a dessert. It does not have to be fancy mancy. A simple dish that you normally cook at home will do. Food cooked with love and attention to details will always be kept in a special space in our heart. That is why mum's home cooked dish is irreplaceable and heart warming.

I would love to stand with you if it is the obstacle of courage and confidence which deters you from entering the competition. It is because I have the doubt that my dish will not be on par with the competition's standard when the organiser approached me about this competition. But soon enough, I realised that it did not hurt to pick up the courage to give it a try. I guess, as long as we try our best, we will not regret regardless of the results. It is the learning experience through the journey that counts. So, would you like to join me in this journey?

The competition closes on 30/11/13, which means you have less than 10 days time left. So, be hurry! All the best and good luck in the competition!

Love, Victoria

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