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My love towards Korean food developed since I came to Adelaide. I especially love the balance of spiciness and sweetness Korean food provides. I have always wanted to go to Sushi Gallery because it has received rave praises from my friends. Thank you to Yan and Aaron that I can finally go there and try it out myself! 

Sushi Gallery is a homey Korean restaurant in Glynde, offering Japanese and Korean fusion food. The owner and staffs are all Koreans, hence this explains the legit authentic Korean food the restaurant offers. 

We ordered the Tteokbokki, Korean rice cakes cooked with sweet and spicy sauce. Besides rice cakes, there were also fishcakes and eggs in the dish. The spiciness and sweetness hit the right note, the rice cakes were firm and chewy. I would have preferred the rice cakes to be cooked a bit longer. Nonetheless, it was a nice dish. 
Tteokbokki, Korean rice cakes 
For each main dish you ordered, you will receive 3 different side dishes, including potatoes, kimchi and seaweed. They were not the most exciting side dishes in a Korean restaurant but the flavour did the justice. The kimchi side dish is always the essential in a Korean restaurant and it was well executed here.

Apart from the rice cake, we also ordered the Bulgogi salad which consisted of lettuce and marinated beef, drizzled with mayo sauce. The beef was flavoursome and the crunchiness of lettuce together with the yummy mayo sauce, created a really good salad. I really enjoyed this dish.
Bulgogi Salad
The star of this restaurant is the Samgyetang, chicken ginseng soup. The chicken was stuffed with glutinous rice, and being boiled in broth together with ginseng and chestnuts. The thickness of the soup was just nice for a wintry day. It was bursting with flavours and highlighted the essence of the chicken.
I am always craving for Korean Fried Chicken even since my visit to Naruone in Sydney. So we decided to order the Garlic Fried Chicken. I expected to have a big chicken cutlets with crispy batter and drizzled with soy sauce but it was not. Nonetheless, the chickens still had the crunch and were well seasoned with soy sauce and nuts.
Garlic fried chicken
The food at Sushi Gallery is something I will always go back for. They serve great Korean food in which the flavours will always linger around your taste buds, then your brain, lastly your heart.

Address: 7/475, Payneham Road, Felixstow
Trading hour: 11am-2.30pm, 5pm-8.30pm (Mon-Sat)

Sushi Gallery on Urbanspoon

Love, Victoria

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