The former Westpac building at 2 King William Street has been refurbished since last year to elevate its heritage feature to a brand new level. It is the building which houses the popular Jamie's Italian. 

Situated on the top floor of this building is 2KW which takes pride in having the highest rooftop bar in Adelaide. This is an absolute advantage for the patrons to have bird's eye view over North Terrace and areas slightly beyond including Elder Park and St Peter's Cathedral. The sunset and night views are undeniably amazing, making 2KW one of the hottest rooftop bar in Adelaide.

To celebrate the completion of Term 1, my friends and I decided to check out this restaurant and bar. In order to reach the restaurant, we had to take 2 lifts including the latter lift which caters exclusively to 2KW customers. 

2KW is divided into different settings, such as the bar, the terrace, the cabanas, the garden and the restaurant. The bar/terrace area offers open seating and of course the gorgeous view of northern Adelaide.   
Sunset taken from the bar
We grabbed some drinks before digging in into the food. We ordered the Paloma Cocktail Jug for sharing. It was a citrusy Mexican classic and pretty similar to Margarita. The alcohol content was not too overpowering and it was a refreshing drink. A pretty good start to our meal!
Paloma Cocktail
The restaurant menu was divided into small, medium, large and steak sections.

For small, we ordered the Spinach, Kefalotyri Sheep Cheese Croquettes with beetroot and turnip pickle. The croqueettes were crispy and brought out the earthy flavour of the spinach. Hence, the sweetness of beetroots came in handy to balance out the earthiness.
Spinach, Kefalotyri Sheep Cheese Croquettes 
For medium, we ordered the Slow Cooked Grilled Octopus with confit kipfler, chorizo and ramesco sauce. The octopus was on the tougher side which might be related to its cooking technique. The ramesco sauce is a nut and red-pepper based sauce. It was smooth and made a great accompaniment with the other ingredients on the plate.
Slow cooked grilled octopus 
We also got the Falafel Salad for our vegetarian friends. It contained chickpeas, quinoa, pearl barley, radish, preserved lemon and chilli, being tied together with the green tahini sauce. The salad was well seasoned and I enjoyed the slight crunch from the peas.
Falafel salad
Our vegetarian friends also ordered the Smoked Eggplant. The baba ghanoush was served with sumac, labneh, cranberry and dressed with leaves. It was well received by my friends.

Smoked eggplant
The last medium dish we ordered for the day was the Tongue 'N' Cheek. The dish was made up of ox tongue rillette, confit pork cheek, with fennel and apple salad. The pork cheek had a caramelised skin but it was not crunchy. Similar to human cheek composition, the pork cheek was mainly fats. Besides that, the rillette was well seasoned and I also enjoyed the salad. Fennel and apple always made a good combination.
Tongue 'N' Cheek 
Moving on the large dish, we ordered the Chermoula Crusted Lamb, Eye of Shoulder. The lamb was cooked perfectly with its salivating pink appearance. It was tender and melts in our mouth. The barberry rice with pistachio, apricot and sweet carrot had unbeatable flavour despite my preference to have the rice cooked just slightly longer. The saltiness and sourness (from lemon) were not so prominent in the yoghurt even though it was still nice to eat with the lamb.
Chermoula crusted lamb, eye of shoulder 
It was a great night out with good company, ambience and the dress up. Thank you 2KW for providing us top notch dining experience. 

Do take note also that 2KW has strict dress code for their patrons. So be dressed up!

Address: Level 8, 2 King William Street, Adelaide
Website: http://www.2kwbar.com.au/
Trading hour: 10am-12am (Mon-Thurs), 10am-1.30am (Fri), 12pm-1.30am (Sat), 11am-12am (Sun)

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Love, Victoria

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