The Market Shed on Holland

Adelaide is getting more and more happening nowadays with new cafes springing up, setting up an unique food culture limiting to this laidback yet cosy city. You can see food trucks mingling around on Rundle Mall or North Terrace, not to mention the ongoing monthly Fork on The Road and Night Market event! In addition, vacated spaces have been utilised and transformed into places which gather foodies around. 

Market Shed on Holland is the newest addition to the food culture in Adelaide. It was formerly an old undercover shed, situated on Holland Street near South Terrace. The focus of the market is on certified organic, sustainable and local produce. SA is blessed with great local produce, ranging from Kangaroo Island eggs to Coorong Angus beef, as well as wineries.

I was so thrilled before I made a visit here, and it did not disappoint me at all. The experience was unforgettable and the Market Shed has become my favourite food market at the moment! You gotta have to visit here if you are in Adelaide!  

The weather wasn't in its best mood on the day when we visited the Market Shed. Yet, this did not dampen our excitement and thank God that it is a covered market. So, all good!  

Entrance of the Market Shed
The market was buzzing with food stalls, local produce and stage performance when we arrived. Streams of customers were seen enjoying their food, with great relaxing music in the background. This lively vibe is definitely what we need everyday!
Busker in the market
First up, we visited the Walnut Bar! The walnut bar's signatures are its rosemary infused walnuts and housemade almond milk. 

The Walnut Bar entrance
I can't help but to rave about the delicious, one-of-a-kind signature rosemary walnut from here as it is something that you wouldn't want to miss! THE walnut is roasted, mixed with rosemary infused honey and salted with Himalayan salt. This is one big piece of goodness! The moment when you bite on the walnut, fragrance of rosemary spreads across your palate, travelling up to your nose. Next up, sweetness of honey and saltiness kick in, creating an unforgettable experience. THE thing to die for!
The housemade walnut from The Walnut Bar
We were contemplating whether to order the thickshake or the almond milk. In the end, we settled down with the Chocolate Walnut Thickshake. It consists of almond milk, banana flour, cocoa, walnut and chia seed. The thick shake lives up to its name, considering that every single sip is full of texture, flavour and substance! 
Trade of the day
The bite sized Italian entrees from Francesco's Circchetti caught my eyes when I first entered the market. Hence, we decided to have a try. We ordered the polenta grigliata (chargrilled polenta with vegetables). The kind stall owner even offered us some side dishes for free. We got the verdure mediteraneo (organic roasted vegetables with preserved lemons, extra virgin olive and home dried tomatoes) and peperonata (organic capsicum, eggplant, onion and olives). The meal was amazing as it is close to authenticity. 
Bite sized Italian food
Take a look at Bona Food fridge for their vegan options. Colourful combination and tempting looks, it will never hurt to get some home or have them there. 

Healthy and vegan options 
Pies are the all time favourite of Australians. A farmer's market will not be complete without a bakery. Bull Creek Bakery's pies are woodoven baked and popular option such as beef pie is on the menu. 
Bull Creek Bakery
Another bakery in the precinct is the Mother and Sons Bakery. Fresh sourdough, rye bread and pastries can be found here. The smell of fresh bread is indeed refreshing!  
Mother and Sons Bakery
Apart from Francesco's Circchetti, Little Orange Arancini and Pizza Bar is another great Italian option that you can consider. It has breakfast pizza, fritole as well as its signature arancini balls.  
Little Orange Arancini and Pizza Bar
Woodfire pizza 
Besides serving the conventional arancini balls which use arborio rice, Little Orange has brown rice option available as well. We ordered the brown rice arancini with porcini mushroom and rocket pesto, as well as arborio rice arancini with beef ragu and parmesan cheese. They were lovely, crispy on the outside, full of bursting flavour and moist on the inside. The pesto and red pasta sauce complement the balls perfectly. 
Arancini balls 
Little Orange Arancini & Pizza Bar on Urbanspoon

And of course, you can get your daily fix of coffee at The Coffee Pedlar. 
Last but not least, the Market Shed rickshaw do offer ride services to the places in the city at an affordable cost. 

The Market Shed is a heaven for vegans and organic food lovers. I would strongly recommend you to visit if you haven't been there yet. 

Address: 1 Holland Street, Adelaide 
Trading hours: 9am-2pm (Sundays)

The Market Shed on Holland on Urbanspoon

Love, Victoria 

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