Unley Brunch Gems

Are you happened to pass by Unley Road and looking for brunch places to go? This blog might give you some ideas. Situated along the stretch of Unley Road are two cafes, A Mothers Milk and Roseys. They are just 17 shops apart (Yes, I actually counted it!) 

A Mothers Milk is a corner store cafe offering outdoor seating for its patron. For one visit, I chose the roast pumpkin bruschetta for my brunch of the day. 
The exterior of A Mothers Milk
A Mothers Milk serves specialty coffee. Ohh and the barista training is available here too!
The turf of a barista 
Flowers on the table always capture my eyes 
For the roast pumpkin bruchetta I ordered, it came with Danish fetta, tomato chutney and pine nuts, being served on the sourdough. This dish encompassed every single taste element, including the saltiness from Danish feta, sweetness from pumpkin, sourness and sweetness from the chutney and bitterness from parsley. The roast pumpkin mash was smooth and silky. Crunchiness can be found from the pine nuts and sourdough. On overall, it was an enjoyable dish. The addition of pepper was apt as well.   
Roast pumpkin bruschetta
Website: http://www.amothersmilk.com.au/
Address: 105 Unley Road, Unley 5061
Trading hours: 7.30am-4pm (Mon, Wed-Fri), 8am-4pm (Sat-Sun) 
A Mother's Milk on Urbanspoon
Roseys is another brunch gem that you could find in Unley. There is a small yard behind the cafe which provides seating for its patron. Covered by the canvas, it is a great place to enjoy your brunch during spring or autumn with the pleasant breeze caressing your cheek. 

On one visit, I ordered the zucchini fritters with dill mayo, poached eggs, smoked salmon and fried capers. It was a delightful dish! Dill mayo always complements the smoked salmon well and I can't find any fault in it. The presentation was lovely! The fried capers, graced the fritters well with its saltiness. The fritters had some crunch on the outside and was not too floury. Besides that, the poached eggs had runny yolks. It was a great dish on overall. 
Zucchini fritters with dill mayo, fried capers, smoked salmon and poached eggs
My friends ordered the eggs on toast with addition of balsamic mushroom and bacon. You can choose the way you want your eggs to be cooked. One of my friends opted for scrambled eggs and it was cooked well. The texture wasn't hard and thick. The element on the plate in which I found amusing was the rye bread. It was really special and the grain component inside can be intensely tasted. 
Scrambled eggs, with balsamic mushrooms and rye bread

Sunny side up with bacon and rye bread

Happy days
Website: http://www.roseys.net.au/
Address: 139, Unley Road, Unley 5061.
Trading hours: 8am-4pm (Mon-Thurs, Sat), 8am-late (Fri), 9am-3pm (Sun)  
Rosey's on Urbanspoon

Brunch is not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end. You don't get completely what you would at breakfast, but you get a good meal. -The Simpsons-

Love, Victoria  

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