Eggless Dessert Cafe 2012 Wrap Up

 I prefer to regard dessert as I would imagine the perfect woman: subtle, a little bittersweet, not blowsy or extrovert. Delicately made up, not highly rouged. Holding back, not exposing everything and, of course, with a flavour that lasts (Graham Kerr) 

Have you ever realised how charming a dessert can be? It can always be savoured at any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner (Well, for me at least). For girls, there is always another compartment in the stomach for the dessert no matter how full we are. I admit that! Come on people! It's DESSERT and how can you ever push that away? 

Eggless Dessert Cafe has been my love since I first came to Adelaide. Me and my housemates are the regular customers of the cafe (to the extent that we got 10% off every visit. Shhhh!). It was founded by Ken and his fiance on 2009. A Malaysian and a Singaporean, together they create wonder in the dessert world, coming out with a different menu every single month. This uniqueness has made their customers to come back without fail every month. 

Eggless Cafe 
The idea of setting up a cafe came by since they were studying in university. Coming from Singapore and Malaysia, eating out late at night is a norm. Being avid dessert lovers themselves, they thought of opening a dessert cafe which opens late to provide the night owls a dessert-hangout place.
The bosses! 
This dessert cafe can only accomodate less than 50 people. And that is why you will always see people lining up outside the cafe to get a seat. Nevertheless, the bosses are kind enough to install a huge heater outside the cafe to warm their customers up especially during chilly winter. Their sincerity has been reciprocated with a huge crowd of customers every night and thousand of likes on facebook. In addition, Urbanspoon has listed the cafe as the 'Talk of the Town' for quite a while.  

Oh ya! Have you ever wondered how this name 'Eggless' comes from? That is because every dessert here has not a single bit of egg inside! Isn't that amazing? Desserts without eggs but still taste awesome AWWW!

Eggless Menu 2012 Wrap Up  

1) March 2012: Unearthly Delight Menu (in conjunction with The Garden of Unearthly Delight Adelaide)

Molten green tea and chocolate pudding, vanilla ice cream 
The best dessert of the month: Green tea pudding with hot runny chocolate hidden inside the hard crust NOM! Warm pudding coupled with ice cream, that's HEAVEN!

Plum and cinnamon cake with vanilla apple puree
Strawberry and cinnamon cake 
2) May 2012: 8 Deadly Sins Dessert Menu:

Greed (Expresso orange tiramisu)
Addiction (Banana and salted caramel cheesecake)
I am indeed addicted to this! A very special creation from Eggless. 
Lust (Red velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese)
Gluttony (Peanut butter brownie and chocolate sundae)
3) June 2012: Mysterious Dessert Menu:

Tasting platter
- Figgy date pudding with butterscotch syrup (best figgy date pudding!)
- Chocolate and pecan brownies with spiced apple
- Mochamisu (my personal favourite)
- Lemon and black pepper creme brulee 
Cream horn with passionfruit sauce
- Crunchy outer covering with whipped cream inside
3) October 2012: Top Vote Dessert Menu:

Pandan and coconut custard cake
Light pandan sponge cake layered with pandan and coconut custard and dressed with toasted coconut
Molten chocolate and butterscotch pudding
The number 1 voted dessert from Eggless fans for the month of October :) Warm rich chocolate cake with gooey butterscotch fudge centre!

Green tea tiramisu
A light Tiramisu with an Asian twist. Sponge fingers soaked in subtle green tea then layered with mascarpone and cointreau cream.
Chocolate peanut butter pie
Layers of chocolate, peanut butter cream cheese and biscuit crust. A wicked dessert for peanut butter lovers!

Vietnamese Banana Coconut Bread Pudding
A beautifully moist Vietnamese style baked banana and coconut bread pussing (aka Banh Chuoi Nuong), accompanied with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream (soy/dairy). A great East West fusion.

4) November 2012: Staff Dessert Menu
Raspberry creme brulee
Mango float
Dark chocolate and mint cheesecake
Refreshing choice of dessert. Always love minty food. 
Pandan, almond and butterscotch pudding 
Banana churros
Reminds me of pisang goreng (fried banana) in Malaysia! Finger licking good.
Freeform banoffee pie

Phewww! I had finished March, May, June, October and November dessert menu finally. I strongly encourage you (Yes! You!) to Eggless and indulge yourself in desserts. I will keep my blog updated with more Eggless desserts this year.

Love, Victoria.

Address: 162 Goodwood Road, Goodwood SA 5034.
Trading hours: Mon-Tues (Closed), Wed-Sat (8pm-Late), Sun (7.30pm-Late)

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