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Have you ever had a day that everything seems not right and you are just moody out of no reason? Well, I do have! So, what would you do on that day? Put on a gloomy face and just spoil that day? DEFINITELY NOT! Life still goes on and I choose to smile instead of sulking.

There are a lot of things that can make me smile: sweetness of a pair of old couple, a smile from a cute toddler, encouragement from lovely friends, support from my dearest and lastly, DOLCE & CO! Dolce and Co has been my new LOVE after Eggless ever since I discovered it last August. Believe it or not, the desserts there can make me beam with joy like never before!

Dolce and Co has been really dedicated to come out with a variety of delicate patisserie. The way the desserts are being decorated portrays the amount of efforts it has put into to satisfy the customers. During my visit, I was spoilt for choices as every dessert looks very appealing and inviting. Thanks to the explanation of passionate staffs on each dessert, I managed to choose mine.

The vast array of desserts

They are just so elegant and demure! 

Creativity soars high!
In the end, I chose Hazelnut Crunch. It is a layered cake with a touch of crunchy hazelnut inside. The top layer is a chocolate plaque sprinkled with cocoa powder. Buttercream cushions between the plaque and the cake. The sensation is just so amazing that I wish I can gobble up all the displayed Hazelnut Crunch! OH MY GEEEEE!

Hazelnut crunch
Another dessert ordered by my friend is tiramisu and coffee. Isn't it cute that it is being served in a petite glass? You can actually bring back the glass if you want. Just in case you want to have a dessert endeavor, this small glass can come in handy. This dessert is similar to the conventional tiramisu cake, but with the additional layer of thick coffee beneath. You can't really taste the coffee if you do not scoop down the glass deep enough. In overall, this is a good combination (but I still prefer hazelnut crunch more).
Tiramisu and coffee
In another visit, I ordered this pistachio raspberry cake. The concept of the cake is kind of similar to hazelnut crunch (guess I am pretty addicted to layered cake). It has a pistachio base with raspberry jelly in the middle, finished with hazelnut soft sponge cake. It really kicked off my Monday blue!

Pistachio raspberry cake - part of the spring collection 
Besides serving desserts, Dolce & Co does have ice cream, macaroons, coffee, croissants and donuts. This can be a perfect place of high tea. However, the shop is pretty small and it has only a one side bench which can accommodate 4-6 people. So, why not take away some of the lovely desserts and enjoy them on Victoria Square (which is only 1 tram stop away). Oh ya, I overheard that Dolce & Co is planning to shift to Rundle Street to provide a more comfortable environment for the customers. So await!

Besides that, do remember that Dolce & Co closes at 4pm on weekdays and 2pm on Saturday. Visit the cafe early to avoid disappointment! (especially for the late-night dessert lovers)

Yours truly at the bench with hazelnut crunch
Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not! - Author Unknown 

Life still has many beautiful things that we can hope and expect for. So cheer up and move on! (and have desserts!)

Address: 45 Gilbert Street, Adelaide, SA 5000.
Trading hours: Mon-Fri (8am-4pm), Sat (8.30am-2pm)

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