The Highway's Mushroom Month

I love adventurous and exciting menu. The menu is always something that I search up before I visit any restaurant or cafe. There are two ways to approach a menu, either the execution of classic food to perfection or being inventive in the creations. The Highway is the latter. 

If you follow my blog closely enough, you will notice that I went to The Highway for their game menu launch in May. Nevertheless, this month of July is the month specially dedicated for the mushroom connoisseurs and enthusiasts. I was privileged to be invited to sample the Mushroom Month menu.

We started off with the field mushroom soup. It is served with creme fraiche and crispy shallots. The soup was textural with the blended mushroom and the creme fraiche added creaminess to the soup. Crispy shallots were excellent addition to the soup with their crunchiness and fragrance. 
Field mushroom soup
Next up, we had the king brown salad as the entree. It was made up of parsnip skordalia, hazelnut and watercress. The salad was satisfying with the big juicy king brown mushroom.
King Brown Salad
We moved on to the main dishes. The portobello burger was first to come out. It was the dish of the day. It was served with brioche bun, onion rings, cheddar and truffle aioli. The sides were mustard and chips. The flavour combination of the cheddar, truffle aioli and portobello was lip smacking. The cheddar gave the sharp taste to the burger, yet not pinning down the portobello. Oh! And the chips were great too!
Portobello Burger
Apart from the portobello burger, we also had the wild porcini gnocchi with white wine and gorgonzola cream sauce. The gnocchi was pillowy and the extra time of frying in the pan produced a great crusty layer on the outside. The sauce was rich and creamy too.
Wild porcini gnocchi
If you are feeling omnivorous, do order the shimejji and confit duck leg with pink oyster mushrooms and pea veloute. The fat was rendered well and I loved the crispy skin on the duck leg. The pea veloute was smooth and not too overpowering.
Shimejji and Confit Duck Leg
Now this was the fun part, watching how the chef incorporated mushroom into dessert. We were served the button mushroom and chocolate espresso cake with meringue and truffle ice cream. The ice cream was really intense with the truffle oil flavour. The cake itself was not sweet, hence the meringue had the role to sweeten the dessert. This dessert definitely had a savoury touch with this addition of truffle oil.
Button mushroom and Chocolate espresso cake
On overall, it was an interesting tasting as usual. The mushroom month will continue until the end of July, so go and satiate your mushroom cravings before you are too late. Because I tell ya, it will be rewarding! Cheers.

Address: 290, Anzac Highway, Plympton
Trading hours: 11am-12pm (Sun-Wed), 11am-2pm (Thurs-Sat)

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Love, Victoria

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