Lawash Bakery

In Therbaton, lies a Middle Eastern restaurant, Lawash Bakery which has received a lot of good reviews from its diners. On a fine Friday afternoon, I decided to fulfill one of the items on my eating wish list by visiting this popular bakery.

Upon reaching the restaurant, I can see the long queue of customers waiting for their takeaways. I took a glance over the exiting customers, most of them had rolls on their hands. 

The restaurant sells different types of kebabs which come with oven baked bread and salad. In addition, they do offer meat mince rolls. The rolls are the popular options for takeaways whereas the kebabs are popular among the in-house diners. 

I opted for Chicken Al Fahm, an Arabian chicken dish which is coated with spices, then charcoal-grilled. The serving was generous for the price I paid. For $8, I got half a chicken, big piece of bread and some salad. In addition, 2 dipping sauces were included as well. 

Chicken Al Fahm 
The chicken had a lovely charcoal crust on it. Believe it or not, as I was lost searching for the shop, it was actually the smell of charcoal that drew me over to the restaurant. I thought that the chicken would be even nicer with more seasoning onto it. The meat still had some moisture in it and was not overly dry.

There were two types of dipping sauces, yogurt based and chilli based. The yogurt based sauce was a bit runny to my preference. The chilli based sauce took me a while to get used to it due to its unique smell. But, on overall, the dipping sauces gave kicks to the taste of the dish.

The oven baked bread had some essential charcoal/burnt crust on it. I torn the bread into few pieces, wrapped the chicken and salad with it, and dipped the combination into one of the sauces, it was a great mouthful of Middle Eastern flavour. 

Chicken Al Fahm and bread
It was a satisfying and stomach filling meal. I shall go back to try its kebab again. Till then, cheers!

Website: -
Address: 115 South Road, Adelaide
Trading hours: 9.30am - 9.30pm (Mon-Sun)

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Love, Victoria 

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