Kuching food in a glance

Apa khabar? 你好吗? Ni eppaddi irukeenaga? Oni abar? Ni kabar muk? Apa kabiki? Nama berita? Inew dengah? Nun dengah ka'? Nu denge? Kapah iko? How are you? (Greeting languages used in Malaysia )

A greeting can come in various languages in Malaysia as it is a melting pot of race and culture. Kuching, especially, hosts quite a lot of indigenous races, such as Bidayuh, Iban, Penan, Orang Ulu, Melanau, Lunbawang, Kelabit on top of the three main ethnic groups in Malaysia - Malay, Chinese and Indian. Of all the races, Iban claims the the largest population, followed by Chinese. As a result, Iban language is the most widely used language in Sarawak.    

Kuching which is the capital of the Land of Hornbills, Sarawak is also the capital for cat lovers as the world's first cat museum is situated here.  Kuching also means cat in Malay language. I visited Kuching with my two lovelies, Jamie and Pei Qi early this January. Lo and behold, my foodgraphy continued and here I am sharing about the wonder of Sarawak food. 
Alrights! Let's delve our fingers into amazing food now!

1) Kampua: A Foochow dry noodle 
Ingredients: egg noddle in dark soy sauce served in a plate with minced pork, barbecued pork (kind of similar to wonton mee or kolo mee) 
Location: Hui Sing Food Court 

2) 3 Layer Tea: A sweet milk tea
Ingredients: consists of gula melaka (brown sugar) at the bottom, followed by evaporated milk and red tea on top; presented in unstirred three layers. 
Location: Jalan Song Food Court 

3) 5 Layer Tea: A creative mind 
Ingredients: Same as 3 Layer Tea, but with additional cendol and cincau (grass jelly)
Location: Expert at RH Plaza    

4) Red Sauce Kolo Mee: A Kuching's signature
Ingredients: egg noodle, served with shallots, garlic, minced pork, white vinegar, pork fat, topped with sliced barbecue pork. The red sauce is char siew sauce made from barbecued pork's oil. 
Location: Jalan Song Food Court

5) Kompia: A Foochow snacks
Ingredients: Fried bun with sesame seeds and a hole at the middle, filled with char siew (minced pork)
Location: Song Kheng Hai Food Court

6) Kuey Chap: A Teochew noodle 
Ingredients: Flat square kuey teow-like cake in herbal soup containing assortments of pork parts
Location: Song Kheng Hai Food Court 

7) Char Kuey 
Ingredients: Fried white carrot cake with egg, prickled vegetables and bean sprouts; can be sweet or salty, depending on the type of soy sauce used.
Location: Jalan Song Food Court 

8) Pork Satay: A porky business 
Ingredients: Grilled pork with special sauce (Superb sensation!) 
Location: Jalan Song Food Court 

9) Popiah 
Ingredients: Spring roll wrapped with minced pork (very different from the one in Peninsula)
Location: Chong Choon Cafe 

10) Sarawak Laksa 

Ingredients: Thin mee-sua-like noodle in shrimp based soup, served with shrimp and shredded meat (sweet and less spicy than Hokkein Mee) 
Location: Chong Choon Cafe 

11) Mexican Hat
Ingredients: Fried sago snacks; soft inside and crunchy outside   
Location: Cultural Village  

12) Gu Bak Mee 
Ingredients: Egg noddle with pork-lard-based sauce, served with beef  
Location: Expert at RH Plaza 

13) Belacan Beehoon 
Ingredients: Beehon with belacan sauce, served with squid, bean sprout and cucumber (surprisingly it's not belacan fried beehoon that I have expected) 
Location: Song Kheng Hai Food Court

14) Tomato Mee 
Ingredients: Fried noodle in tomato-sauce-based soup  
Location: Electra House Food Court 

15) Rojak Kangkung and Squid 
Ingredients: Kangkund and squid in rojak sauce, topped with peanuts  
Location: Electra House Food Court 

16) White Lady: A milky indulgence; My personal favourite! 
Ingredients: A concoction of evaporated milk, syrup, nata de coco, canned peaches and pineapples 
Location: Hui Sing Hawker Centre 

17) Matterhorn: A refreshing dessert on a hot day  
Ingredients: Shaved ice with cendol, grass jelly, lemon and longan  
Location: Hui Sing Hawker Centre 

18) Coconut Sugar Cane Drinks: A wonderful combination 
Ingredients: Coconut meat in sugar cane drinks; refreshing and sweet at the same time  
Location: Song Kheng Hai Food Court 

19) Kelabit/Lunbawang food: A taste of Highlands inhabitants  
Ingredients: Assorted (see captions for more information)
Location: Tribal Scoops (opposite Hilton Hotel)

Shredded beef

Bamboo chicken: chicken cooked in bamboo 

Minced tapioca leaf

Midin: a type of fern leaf unique to Sarawak 

Umai: an appetiser consists of raw fish mixed with red onion and ginger 
Glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf: traditional Kelabit rice 

20) Chicken Rice: An all-time favourite 
Ingredients: Rice cooked with chicken stock/broth, served with boiled chicken
Location: Aladdin Cafe (the best chicken rice I have ever had!) 

21) Lui Cha: A Hakka dish 
Ingredients: Rice with assorted vegetables and peanuts, served with tea soup (tea soup might be bitter, so adding to own preference is encouraged) 
Location: Jalan Intan (Haven't been there before but I heard it's nice)  

21) Sio Bee: A Kuching siu mai
Ingredients: Minced pork siu mai (an unforgettable taste!)
Location: Electra House Food Court    

Aren't they delectable?! After this one-week-trip, I had to agree to my friends who are loyal Kuchingites that Kuching do have good food! Not only that, the food is unique just like the tribes and races in Sarawak . Thank you so much for Royston, Ben, Ivan and Nic for showing us around. And the two pretties, Jamie and Pei Qi for the great time that we had spent. Cheers!

Your friendship is a great gift I enjoy opening everyday :)

Love, Victoria

Sarawak Tourism: http://www.sarawaktourism.com/

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  1. Reading your food blog especially when you're hungry during midnight is definitely not a good idea..

  2. Definitely worth a visit Kuching :)

    1. Yes indeed! Hope you have a chance to visit Kuching!

  3. I recently tried an indian takeaway Mughal Kitchen in SG8 area, and tested Lamb Jhalefrezi -Wondering if you guys know how to prepare this at home? or any good recipe guides? Just love this indian...

  4. Victoria! Please come visit my beef noodle stall at Food Avenue. Tell me what you feel about it.

  5. It is adjacent to 4th Mile Everise.

  6. Can provide the actual food court name for Jalan Song Food Court

    1. Hi I can't remember the exact name of the food court already because I have only been to Kuching once :( I think it's the combination of 3 food courts along Jalan Song. Sorry!

  7. That Kompia made me hungry!!!!

  8. Thank you very much for this useful article. I like it.
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