O'Connell Street is known as the food street in North Adelaide. Along the stretch of the street, you can find international cuisines, ranging from Indonesian, Australian to Thai food. The newest kid on the block is Koko Thai, specializing in authentic Thai cuisines. 

I was invited by Adelaide Food Central to sample dishes at Koko Thai. All the food and drinks were complimentary.

Upon entering the entrance of Koko Thai, I was greeted by friendly waitress gracefully dressed in traditional Thai clothing. The ambience was relaxed and the interior was dressed with lights surrounded by netted coverings on the ceilings. Our tables had already been set up with tealight candles and flowers lining the center of the table. I felt as if I was transported to Bali for a meal at the resort.
Table decor
We ordered a few drinks before deciding on our main meals. I ordered the Coconut Juice which came with coconut pulp. The coconut water was refreshing but I felt that nothing can ever beat the water coming from freshly opened young coconut. Since Australia is not a tropical country, this could do! The pulp however, was enclosed with ice and I had to break open the ice to get access to the pulp. 
Coconut juice
I also ordered Lemon, Lime and Bitters after finishing my coconut juice. This good old drinks can never disappoint me. I also noticed that it is an Australian thing to order this soft drinks with minimal alcohol content. 
Lemon, lime and bitters
Before our main dishes arrived, we were treated to various entrees. The first one was Snow Pea Salad. It was a great start of the meal with the crunchiness from the snow peas and light tartiness from the lime.
Snow pea salad 
Next up was Miang Kum. It was roast coconut, prawn garnished in lime served with ginger and cashew nut, wrapped in betel leaf. Different from Miang Kum that I had tried before in Malaysia, Koko Thai had already wrapped all the ingredients with betel leaf. I loved the combination of the roast coconut and betel leaf. I always thought that they are the highlight of the dish. Another great way to start your Thai food adventure!
Miang Kum
Another classic Thai dish is the Green Papaya Salad which was served next. The green papaya was sliced thinly, garnished with dressing and cashew nuts. This can be a healthy dish to start off your meal.
Green papaya salad
Enough with all the vegetable dishes, we moved on to meat entrees. We were served the Pandan Chicken. The chickens were deep fried to perfection with retained juiciness, then wrapped in aroma pandan leaves. Besides that, the homemade sweet chilli sauce dipping sauce also accompanied the chicken well, with the extra sweetness and zing.
Pandan chicken
The last entree tasted was Sea Star. Shaped as sea star, this was the prettiest entree of the night. They were homemade dumpling with minced chicken, squid and prawn filling. The fillings were well seasoned and dressed with tasty mild red curry sauce.
Sea Star
We were half full after having all the entrees and the main dishes came after that. For main dish, I ordered the Red Duck Curry, my favourite curry of all. It was a lovely dish, though I preferred a slightly sweeter version of the curry. The duck was roasted in the house and then cooked in red curry sauce with lychee, pineapple, eggplant and fresh basil. It was slightly dry due to the cooking process but still pleasant to the mouth. The red curry was full of flavours and I definitely loved the basil which added freshness to the curry. 
Red duck curry
Besides that, another food blogger ordered the Green Chicken Curry which was slow cooked chicken pieces in coconut milk with green curry paste, green bean and bamboo. Pad Prik King Chicken, stir fry chicken and vegetables with fresh ginger was also ordered. 
Green chicken curry
Pad Prik King Chicken
Another dish which had received rave reviews was the Coo Chee Curry Prawn. The prawns were cooked with Thai mild curry sauce with capsicum and fresh basil. Looking at the creaminess of the dish, it was truly hard to control my salivary glands. 
Coo Chee Curry Prawns
How could Pad Thai be missed in a Thai feast? There you are, the favourite stir fried rice noodles with chicken, prawn and egg with ground peanut, spring onion and bean sprout. 
Pad Thai
Koko Thai was really generous in serving us loads of food. We were also treated to two more seafood dishes, including Pad Cha seafood and Barramundi with Green Mango. The Pad Cha Seafood was the combination of prawns, squid, mussels and snapper fillet stir fried in coconut milk with young pepper corn and red curry paste. I loved the base of this dish as it was bursting with flavour. The seafood were also cooked well.  
Pad Cha Seafood
I was so full by the time they served the barrramundi. It was such a shame that I didn't manage to try this dish as the barramundi did look very inviting and crunchy! Next time probably!
Barramundi with Green Mango
There is always a second compartment in the stomach for dessert. Hence, we decided to treat ourselves to desserts even though our stomachs were exploding. Some of the dessert offerings were Banana Split, banana fritters and homemade coconut ice cream.
Banana Split
The Banana Fritter was fantastic with its crunchy batter and cooling vanilla ice cream. The drizzling of chocolate sauce definitely added some vibrancy to the fritter.
Banana Fritter
I ordered the homemade Coconut Ice Cream. The ice cream was distinct with its coconut flavour, but it was not as creamy as what I thought it would be. It was quite icy. Nevertheless, it was still a nice dessert to end the night.
Coconut ice cream 
It was a great Thai feast with everyone going home on a satisfied full tummy. Do visit Koko Thai when you are thinking of having Thai food or experiencing a slice of Thai heaven. 

Address: 147, O'Connell Street, North Adelaide
Trading hours: 6pm-late (Mon-Sun), 12pm-2.30pm (Wed-Fri)

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Love, Victoria 
The footsteps of spring are here and it has brought us a lot of warmth and sunshine. What could be a better idea than to visit Glenelg at this time to take a dip or bask in the sun? We have surely missed the beach so much owing to the long and cold winter. Visiting Glenelg, you can be treated to many food and restaurants. One of them is the Feed Burger Bar at Jetty Road.

I was invited by Adelaide Food Central and Feed Jetty Road for their media lunch. All the food and drinks were complimentary.
Adelaide Food Central x Feed Jetty Road blogger lunch 
The Feed is popular with their burgers. There are 16 options of burger to choose from. It surely was a hard decision to make because every burger looked so delicious! I ordered the Tandoori Chicken Burger in the end. The home crumbed chicken breast was too great to be contained by the soft and buttery brioche bun. It was crispy and flavoursome. Aside from the usual burger accompaniments such as cheese and housemade coleslaw, the Tandoori spiced mayo did differentiate the Feed from other burger bars. The mayo was well balanced with spices and the servings was generous.
Tandoori chicken burger 
One of the food bloggers ordered the eggplant burger which consisted of beer-battered eggplant, grilled haloumi cheese, roast pepper, lettuce, pesto, nap sauce and mayo. Definitely a great choice for vegan or vegetarian diners.
Eggplant burger
In addition, another food blogger ordered the scotch fillet steak burger with blue cheese, crispy bacon, fresh tomato, caramelised onion, lettuce, relish and mayo. All the burgers do not come with the fries so you can make that decision of getting or not getting the fries.
Scotch fillet steak burger
Besides burgers, Feed also has an extensive menu covering from salads, sandwiches, schnitzel to lasagna. For breakfast or brunch lovers, Feed also offers eggs, omelette and all day breakfast.
Chicken Parmigiana
The crumbed chicken breast from chicken parmigiana was made in the house. Marinara sauce and melted cheese topped the chicken and the meal came with chips and salad.
Homemade beef lasagna with homemade bechamel, mozarella and parmesan cheese
Most of the offerings in the Feed are homemade, including the bechamel sauce of lasagna.

For drinks, I ordered the apple, orange and pear juice. The Feed allows us to choose a mix from orange, pineapple, apple, lemon, carrot, celery, mint, cucumber and pear to customise our freshly squeezed juice. The juice was really fresh and made a great thirst quenching and detox drink .
Apple, orange and pear juice
The Feed offers many meal choices for the diners. So, do visit the Feed when you drop by Glenelg to feed your stomach and spam your feed with lovely photos.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/feedjettyroad
Address: 89, Jetty Road, Glenelg.
Trading hours: 8am - 5pm (Mon-Sun)

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Love, Victoria
I love adventurous and exciting menu. The menu is always something that I search up before I visit any restaurant or cafe. There are two ways to approach a menu, either the execution of classic food to perfection or being inventive in the creations. The Highway is the latter. 

If you follow my blog closely enough, you will notice that I went to The Highway for their game menu launch in May. Nevertheless, this month of July is the month specially dedicated for the mushroom connoisseurs and enthusiasts. I was privileged to be invited to sample the Mushroom Month menu.

We started off with the field mushroom soup. It is served with creme fraiche and crispy shallots. The soup was textural with the blended mushroom and the creme fraiche added creaminess to the soup. Crispy shallots were excellent addition to the soup with their crunchiness and fragrance. 
Field mushroom soup
Next up, we had the king brown salad as the entree. It was made up of parsnip skordalia, hazelnut and watercress. The salad was satisfying with the big juicy king brown mushroom.
King Brown Salad
We moved on to the main dishes. The portobello burger was first to come out. It was the dish of the day. It was served with brioche bun, onion rings, cheddar and truffle aioli. The sides were mustard and chips. The flavour combination of the cheddar, truffle aioli and portobello was lip smacking. The cheddar gave the sharp taste to the burger, yet not pinning down the portobello. Oh! And the chips were great too!
Portobello Burger
Apart from the portobello burger, we also had the wild porcini gnocchi with white wine and gorgonzola cream sauce. The gnocchi was pillowy and the extra time of frying in the pan produced a great crusty layer on the outside. The sauce was rich and creamy too.
Wild porcini gnocchi
If you are feeling omnivorous, do order the shimejji and confit duck leg with pink oyster mushrooms and pea veloute. The fat was rendered well and I loved the crispy skin on the duck leg. The pea veloute was smooth and not too overpowering.
Shimejji and Confit Duck Leg
Now this was the fun part, watching how the chef incorporated mushroom into dessert. We were served the button mushroom and chocolate espresso cake with meringue and truffle ice cream. The ice cream was really intense with the truffle oil flavour. The cake itself was not sweet, hence the meringue had the role to sweeten the dessert. This dessert definitely had a savoury touch with this addition of truffle oil.
Button mushroom and Chocolate espresso cake
On overall, it was an interesting tasting as usual. The mushroom month will continue until the end of July, so go and satiate your mushroom cravings before you are too late. Because I tell ya, it will be rewarding! Cheers.

Website: http://www.thehighway.com.au/
Address: 290, Anzac Highway, Plympton
Trading hours: 11am-12pm (Sun-Wed), 11am-2pm (Thurs-Sat)

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Love, Victoria
The weather was getting a bit too chilly for May with the howling wind, splashing rain and frosty mornings. And it is this exact weather that gives me the best excuse to store more fats and have more meat! Speaking of meat, The Highway's does offer something different to the adventurous foodies. In its fourth year, the game season is to be launched once again from 18 May. Foodies from South Australia as well as other states are expected to join this annual culinary delight in this coming 2 weeks (18 May - 31 May).

I was invited to the Highway's to sample their game menu. All the food and drinks were complimentary.

Going wild every game season, the menu this year will be featuring wallaby, buffalo and venison. All the game meat are sourced fresh from local outback game meat supplier Something Wild in the Adelaide Central Market.

There are two options of entree that you can choose from. We started off with the first entree, crumbed quail eggs with beetroot puree, pressed red foo potato and micro cabbage. The eggs were crunchy and the pairing with sweet beetroot puree was intriguing. The layering of potatoes was a fancy and textural addition to the dish.
Crumbed quail eggs with beetroot puree, pressed red foo potato and micro cabbage
The second entree was pancetta wrapped wallaby with grilled artichoke and saffron aioli. This was the dish of the night! It reminded me so much of the pressed lamb in Georges. The smell of wallaby was not too strong. It was so tender that I can pull the meat apart and melted in my mouth. The pancetta added the umami flavour and saltiness to the dish. The saffron aioli was really good too!
Pancetta wrapped wallaby with grilled artichoke and saffron aioli
Moving on to the main course, there are three types of game meat - kangaroo, venison and buffalo - which constitute the menu.

The first main course was the native currant and tomato braised kangaroo tail, served with mixed radish, frisee salad and grilled bread. As kangaroo meat itself has a really strong smell, the chef chose the native currant and tomato to braise the meat to subdue the pungent smell. The side salad was fresh and the grilled bread counterbalanced the rich braised kangaroo tail.
Native currant and tomato braised kangaroo tail, mixed radish, frisee salad and grilled bread
Next up was the venison denver leg steak with portobello mushroom, celeriac puree and nasturtium. It was the prettiest looking dish of the night. The venison steak was cooked to perfection with its attractive pink meat. The meat was so tender! And who would resist the plump and juicy portobello mushroom?
Venison denver leg steak with portobello mushroom, celeriac puree and nasturtium
The last main course offered on the menu was the buffalo burger with ciabatta roll, cheddar, caramelised onion, spinach and kutjera radish. The buffalo meat had a similar taste to beef and this burger was like the classic beef and cheese burger. The choice of native ingredients used in each dish was commendable because it portrayed the Australian outback spirit and complemented well with the meat.
Buffalo burger
Last but not least, it was dessert time! We had the duck egg brulee with salted caramel ice cream and pistachio soil. It sounded and looked like an ordinary dessert but surely it tasted different from the normal creme brulee. The duck egg had rendered the dessert so rich and creamy. The caramelisation on top of the brulee was brilliant and the salted caramel ice cream was smooth.
Duck egg brulee with salted caramel ice cream and pistachio soil
The game season will continue until the end of May at the Highway's bar and bistro lounge. So, grab your friends and go wild at the Highway's!
Complimentary wine at the Highway's bar and bistro lounge
Foodies, are you game?

Game season menu
Website: http://www.thehighway.com.au/
Address: 290, Anzac Highway, Plympton
Trading hours: 11am-12pm (Sun-Wed), 11am-2pm (Thurs-Sat)

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Love, Victoria

If I were to name a dessert cafe that never fail to impress me, I would say it is St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert. In fact, their novelty has been recognised as written in 14 Australian Ice Cream Shops You Need To Visit Before You Die. This blog post is written after umpteen times of visits. 

There are a few highlights in the store, namely their house churned ice cream, churros and their dessert creations. 

For their dessert creations, I had ordered the Eton Mess. It was served in a martini glass with layers of crunchy meringue, fresh strawberries, berry puree and French Vanilla ice cream, drizzled with pouring cream and hazelnut ganache. The berry puree was so divine with the refreshing burst of sweetness and sourness from the berries. Fresh strawberry and meringue added another layers of texture whereas the ice cream was so smooth that it melted in my mouth straight away. I really loved the combination of the berry puree and the meringue. It is NOT messy at all! 
Eton Mess
Another favourite dessert creation is the Archie's Cookie Crunch. It was served in a tall glass with layers of shortbread cookies, melted Nutella, fresh strawberries and Cookies and Cream ice cream. Again, this was another dessert full of textures and flavours. It did get a bit fiddly to eat at the end when we were reaching for the bottom of the glass. The dessert was fresh and sweet. On top of that, who can resist the addition of Nutella?? The cookies and cream ice cream did not particularly taste much like Oreo but it was really nice.
Archie's Cookie Crunch
Apart from that, we also ordered the Nutella Affogato. The balloon martini glass was used to serve the french vanilla ice cream and melted Nutella with a shot of espresso coffee and a biscotti. My friend totally enjoyed this creation.
Nutella Affogato
On some instances, I just felt like ordering the ice cream to take away and this decision never disappoint too. I have to say that St Louis serves one of the best ice cream in Adelaide!
St Louis Ice Cream
St Louis can be also a serious competitor to San Churro in terms of their churros. I prefer the churros in St Louis as they are crispy but yet not too hard and still have a soft filling inside. The churros are dressed with cinnamon sugar and served with choices of warm melted dipping chocolate. My preference of dipping chocolate is always the milk and dark chocolate.
Churros for Two
Crepe is pretty versatile to be prepared either in savoury or sweet fashion. What is better than a dessert crepe in a dessert house? I ordered the Dulce de Leche Banana Crepe. It was a thin crepe, filled with fresh banana, honey roasted nuts and dulce de leche, topped with Dulce De Leche ice cream. The salted caramel was highlighted throughout the dish and well executed.
Dulce de Leche Banana Crepe
In addition to crepe, we also ordered the Choc Peanut Butter and Banana Waffle. The Belgian waffle was drizzled with peanut butter and melted milk chocolate, topped with crunchy honey roasted nuts, banana and French Vanilla ice cream. The waffle possessed crunchiness and softness at the right spot.
Choc Peanut Butter and Banana Waffle 
Every dessert session at St Louis is a satisfying one. If you are craving for dessert during breakfast, fret not, St Louis will be there for you as they are opened from 7.30am.

Do remember to follow them on Instagram as they always come up with promotions such as Churros Buy One Free One and Dessert Creations Buy One Free One. It would be a good chance to secure a great deal with them.

Address: 19 Gouger Street, Adelaide 
Trading hour: 7.30am-11pm (Mon-Thurs), 7.30am-12am (Friday), 9am-11pm (Sun)MONDAY - 

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Love, Victoria 

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